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Pagani Zonda R @ Le Mans

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Liviu Tiron, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Very soft suspension, very grippy, very stable. Faster (at least by one second) but pretty hard without TC, so i recommend TC at 5-6 for a very safe long race or 8 as a compromise. This is a base setup, it needs more improving. Default is with medium tyres. Softs not tested yet but should be faster.
    Times right now are in the 3:51, but this after about 15 laps. I don't know the track well enough to push the car to its limits yet.
    For the absolute fastest time, you can lower the wing to 6 and brake bias to 63-62. A qualy lap is doable, but the risk vs. reward is against your favor even in a short race. Well, maybe i am subjective. Try it and you'l see..

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  2. Thx for sharing. I'll try. One question, but how I can set TC parameters in Assetto Corsa?
    Again thx
  3. @Belphagor You are welcome
    When you are in game in car, press control+T, and it will change the traction control parameters from number 1 to something like 9. Bigger number is less traction control.
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  4. great!!!! thanks
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  5. thank you very much for help.
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  6. 3.50.4xx is my fastest lap. great setup!! havn't tried the rear wing 6 yet but should be much quicker!
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