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Paddock Chat - XBox One | Full Dynamic Championship

Discussion in 'Xbox One | Full Dynamic Championship' started by Graham Laing, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    @Earmack Your league forum is ready for you mate, so it's time for a sign-up thread, race schedule, and rules thread. :thumbsup:
  2. Thx mate!:)

    Hello everyone!
    Im glad to announce we back!
    Its already third season and first for absolutely new game for XBOX ONE!

    To join the race all u need add my in Xbox live: Earmack
    Just le me know u from race department so I know u wanna join for championship.

    I still think when we start exactly date, game JUST released, so I think after 1 month we all practice a bit game, received few patches and ready to go.

    Also what better day we use: saturday or sunday?
    Time: time i used local time coz i not leaving in russia so in my plays its already night, we uk its already 7 hours different. So always check u local time so u dont miss anything

    Anyway all suggestion or anything u wanna say please u "paddock chat":)
  3. Game like always have lots of bugs, but I still playing every day:)
  4. Hello guyz,
    I know, i know we wanna start new season, but even after first patch game still have some really bad issues/bugs.

    So i think better if we start season after second patch:)
  5. Would I be okay to Join the league new to racing leagues but I'm quite decent and not a wheel to wheel crash happy racer like everyone else on XBL
  6. Hi, ok u in:)
  7. Codemasters finally posted what include next patch:


    Please find below our preliminary patch notes for the Xbox One patch which is in submission with Microsoft at the moment. Estimated turn around is about two weeks, but a specific date or time frame cannot be guaranteed.

    These patch notes are subject to change between now and the actual release of the patch.

    • Fixed player's driver permanently changing to Lewis Hamilton after switching profile
    • Fixed some cars not being shown a blue flag when being lapped
    • Fixed cars getting stuck in the pit lane
    • Fixed AI always pitting on the same lap as their team mate
    • Fixed AI wing damage not being repaired after pitting during qualifying session
    • Fixed fuel changes not saving correctly when changed under parc fermé conditions
    • Fixed various errors with the damage, fuel and temperature swipe
    • Added ability to change race weekend settings during Championship Season mode
    • Fixed race engineer speech being too quiet in some audio configurations
    • Fixed game stutter when the player takes control of an AI-driven car
    • Fixed car resetting to track when using flashback in the pit lane
    • Fixed game resuming instantly when backing out of replay
    • Fixed some AI cars starting practice sessions with punctured tyres in Pro Season mode
    • Fixed identical weather being used for all practice sessions in Pro Season mode
    • Fixed McLaren 2015 car’s gear paddles glowing orange under braking
    • Fixed progress stat resetting to 0% when completing a Championship Season
    • Fixed Time Trial leaderboards failing to update for subsequent fastest laps during the session
    • Fixed steering wheel being at the incorrect angle when entering the pit lane
    • Fixed car setups not being loaded at the start of a race
    • Added ability to delete car setups
    • Advanced Wheel Settings are now unlocked for all controllers

    • Added push to talk functionality for voice comms
    • Added notifications for players retiring during a multiplayer session
    • Fixed players not joining hopper lobbies correctly from some game modes
    • Fixed several instances of players failing to start a session after other players have left the game
    • Fixed some multiplayer races being “won” as soon as they start
    • Fixed failure to matchmake after suspending the game
    • Fixed players acquiring another player’s points when joining a session mid-season Fixed race start timer increasing whenever a player joins a hopper lobby
    • Fixed the countdown timer in hoppers so it always starts at 60 seconds in-between sessions
    • Fixed vote to skip track being used multiple times in lobbies
    • Fixed grid order being incorrect after one-shot qualifying session if players had invalidated their lap times
    • Fixed players with invalidated lap times being shown as in 1st place during one shot qualifying sessions
    • Fixed car body not loading in correctly in some multiplayer races
    • Fixed multiple incorrect fastest lap notifications being displayed during online practice sessions
    • Fixed saved lobby settings not loading in correctly

    • Various other bug fixes and improvements"
  8. Second patch its released. So its mean we have the date of first race of the season.
    September 4, 2015