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Paddle shifting not working w/ G25??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chad711, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. I never use the paddle shifting on my G25. Today I wanted to goof off and use them to drive one of those open wheel cars. I selected the G25 settings in the profiler for paddle shifting. The car would not go into gear. It was very strange. Any ideas?

    Just tried it again. The paddles are actually shifting gears but the car is not engaging the gear. It's like I am stuck in neautral

    Edit: ok I fixed it. I had to unbind the clutch button. Why would they have a clutch function preset in there for paddle shifting? I'm confused? Was this a mistake when they made the profile?
  2. Go to Options > Realism > Automatic Gearbox. It's happened to me numerous times that it switches itself on by accident and it totally screws up the shifting.

    If that doesn't work, attempt to bind the "shift up" and "shift down" buttons manually to each corresponding paddle. Then make sure auto gearbox is off and that you're still using the clutch pedal (otherwise choose automatic clutch 'on'). Engine will stall otherwise.
  3. There is the "hold button for gear" option too which is required to be on for the H-Shifter to work I found.

    The default paddle shift G25 profile worked perfectly for me.
  4. I use manual clutch with paddle shifting for starting (or after I stall!!), and for some reason, on my system the paddle shifters only work when I have a button assigned to at least one of the gears. It doesn't matter which gear or button as I'm not going to be using them anyway.
  5. I've seen this a couple of times and I think its bug related. I have three profiles along the lines of the defaults, for H pattern, Sequential Shifter, Sequential Paddles and they all work fine. However, sometimes on switching profile, the game will refuse to shift gears in either sequential mode. I've found reloading the profile sometimes fixes it, but worst case means a game restart. I use manual clutch for all modes.
  6. I did a bunch of "messin around" last night and confirmed a few things. You may want to look into this and check yourself. Most of these have to do with what you guys stated.

    1) Hold button for gear does not need to be on for any reason in GTR-Evo UNLESS you are using a keyboard. That function is off for all my G25 profiles, H Pattern, Paddles and Sequential and all of them work fine.

    2) You do not need to have auto clutch or auto gears on for you to use the paddles. I have them both off and it is working fine. What you do need is the default assignment for clutch in the profiler. Which I am not sure what button that is. I did look and it isn't the actual clutch assignment that I use for H pattern.

    Very odd but it works so I went with it
  7. But, if you dont have "hold button for gear" on in H pattern mode, you can't "engage" neutral. Whatever gear you were last in stays until you select another.
  8. It works for me just fine. I have never set that to YES. I will double check but I am pretty certain of it

    Edit: I stand corrected! It does need to be on. I must have been using auto clutch and didn't notice before!

    I lose, once again, my life story =(
  9. I'm with you on this one Rick. I can't get into neutral with H shifter without 'hold button for gear' on. Chad, if you get time let us know your findings, thanks.

  10. I edited my previous post. You guys are correct. I must have not noticed because I was using auto clutch
  11. People have had a problem with auto clutch remaining enabled even after disabling it. I often check it by putting the car into first gear, then brake to a complete standstill with my foot off the clutch. If the engine stalls, auto clutch is disabled properly.
  12. Hi have problem on my paddle shift on my G25 coz when I am running on ( 6 gear ) and when I try to change to (5 gear) it jump to ( gear 4) or ( gear 3 ) and when I am in the ( gear 3 ) to change to ( gear 2 ) and will it change to gear 1 or N.
    Do any one have this problem, this was not like that at before is only now.