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Pad Vs Wheel in F1 2012?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Dan Hawkins, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Pad's Vs Wheel's

    A random little discussion for all to take part ;)

    Codemasters stated before the release of F1 2012, that they had improved the game on the pad.
    I have only ever once used a pad on 2012, although I was a pad boy all the way through F1 2010 and at the start of F1 2011.
    I wanted to find out roughly what percentage of RD member's use a pad for F1 2012,

    So in YOUR opinion, which is better to 'handle/control' on the game?.... In the sense that Codies claim both are equal?

    In my opinion, a wheel is better, you get a much better feel of the car. You can open DRS mid corner and still have control over the car while aiming your wheel in one direction, rather than balancing a stick in a dead right position.

    There are ways to get a wheel...

    You can easily attach them to a desk, or even a makeshift table (using an old bedside table is a good one, with cushions etc. We all had to start somewhere, I used to use the Dining Room table, till the mrs moaned it was tapping the wall and making noises at 2am lol. So then I went onto a coffee table, with a pillow and resting against the sofa. Wheel's don't take up much space. So if you have never tried a wheel, save some money up - they aren't that expensive!

    If your a Pad User, consider a wheel - it's a complete different experience...

    Here is a list of places you can find some cheap wheels.

    PS3 & PC
    Ferrari Challenge Wheel - £27.99
    Thrust GXT Force Vibration Wheel - £35.54
    Ferrari GT Experience Wheel - £38.99
    Logic 3 TopDrive - £39.99
    Hori Racing Wheel
    - £54.99

    Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel - £29.99
    Datel Super Sports 3X Steering Wheel - £42.52
    Mad Catz MC2 MicroCon Wheel - £44.99

    Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia - £52.93

    If your a wheel user, switch to a pad and record your before and after video... let's see what the difference is and your opinion then
  2. Sure, the wheel is more precise, but from what I've noticed a gamepad might be better in fast corners, where you need to rapidly apply a lot of lock (like turn 1 in Hockenheim or Silverstone). With a wheel you need to do some turning, it depends on how many degrees of rotation you're using. With a gamepad it's just a matter of tilting the analog stick, which usually takes a LOT less time.
  3. I've heard that on tracks like Hungary, pad users are faster. I've never used a pad tho, only wheel on all of the F1 games. :)

    And yes, all the pad users should consider buying a wheel. You may be slower at first, but playing with a pad isn't that fun anyway. The real f1 drivers turn a wheel and you feel a lot more like a real driver this way. And it's also most of the times faster. :D
  4. Ramage

    F1 Reborn in the USA!

    I only use a wheel and love the Ffb. Feel the finesse of the road and especially when it starts to rain, as you feel the car beginning to hydroplane on primes or options.

    I use a dfgt wheel and it is pure enjoyment.
  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Still got a few years to go yet, but the only pad I generally intend to use in life, is an incontinence one. :D

    In reality, if I were playing a game like 'Blur', or 'Trackmania' then it would be a pad. However, any game with a semblance of a 'sim like' play style, will always be a wheel for me.
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  6. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I was similar to Dan in that I was using a pad throughout 2010 and half way through 2011. Then I got my first wheel (Thrustmaster GT Ferrari Experience), and it took me a while to get the coordination of using the pedals and actually having to steer the car.

    However, once I got the knack of it, I can't use a pad anymore, it feels too restrictive and less enjoyable.

    I've now got a G27 and its a massive step up in FFB and precision over the GT Experience, and my laptimes have reflected that.

    Punch line: Once you learn how to use a wheel, there's no going back. Using a pad just isn't satisfying.
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  7. Your retirement plan sounds like a hoot!
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  8. Tophercheese well said mate totally agree with what you are saying :)
    G27 is sooo nice to drive a car with!
  9. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Pad for quickly checking mods.

    Wheel for when I have a session planned with beer,pizza and a pee bottle at the ready.


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  10. And some say I'm crazy... :D

    (Never really had the idea of a pee bottle)
  11. Soo... You haven't seen the scene with a police officer in "Dumb and dumber"? :geek:

    EDIT: Ok, this thread has been officially derailed :laugh:
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  12. Trust me I would love to get a wheel. But if my freinds saw that there was a wheel in my room, I'd never hear the end of it :) From where I live, people just dont have the same enthusiasm for motorsport or video games. For example, in school I said that Formula one is brilliant and I just got laughed at and they said it was "gay", not that I cared :p So at the moment, getting a wheel is out of the question.
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  13. Lol, I totaly understand what you mean. I think you should ignore it, and get a wheel if you could. If it's something that you love to do, you have to invest on it, no matter what they are gonna say. And I have no doubt, that if they see that in your room, they can even laught at you, but the very first time that they sit in front of the wheel, and try some laps on the game, they are gonna love it. :roflmao:
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  14. Couldn't of put it better myself :p

    Some good posts on here guys :thumbsup:

    And the poll is gently ticking over! :)

    I remember the first time I took my wheel round my dads house... It was a birthday weekend of his... Me and my bro and our mates were going out, but I HAD to race, it was worth fighting for a title in a league....
    Soon as I arrived (I had no rig at this point just Microsoft Wireless Wheel) They laughed.... But when I set it all up on the table, the pedals on the floor... "Can I have a go"
    They loved it! My one mate spent ages trying to do laps but they were still poor haha.
    During the race I got the old "Sad b******" etc but, by the end they were watching me lol. I crashed out anyway, but the principal is - what Rafaelbcc said is absolutely correct - they will want a go ;)
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  15. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    As long as F1 is still playable using a pad,two things are true :

    - Pad guys are going to be faster ...
    - F1 is a not simulation :)

    I use G27 and the feeling can't be compared with a pad,besides getting faster laps after 1 hour is a bit hard,because you get tired easily :p

  16. I guess it depends. On my first ever 100% race I was really tired and I had to even cut it in half (was offline so I could pause). But now I can do 2-3 hours straight. And I've done it a few times. [G27 and I use 125% FFB so you can't tell me I don't use FFB. I just play a lot :D Have ~250 hours gametime now.. :D ]
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  17. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I have just never been able tro use a pad for racing games \ sims and it always amzes me how guys that do can be so quick (our first 2011 Xbox League Champion was a pad user). On my brief attempts with one I could barely keep the car in a straight line along the straight let alone be quick and accurate through the corners :confused:.

    I have used a wheel and pedals since my early sim days on the PC and when my wife got me the Xbox 360 just so I could race F1 2010 although I tried the pad it quickly become obvious that it was not going to work so I picked up the cheapest wheel I could find for the Xbox (MadCatz Microcon MC2). It may not be the most stylish looking piece of kit but it lasted me for 18 months and hundreds of hours before developing a fault and then I was able to return it for a replacement. Those that snigger at the wheel just bear in mind that one of the quickest guys out there (Noble) uses the same wheel so just proving you don't have to have the latest bit if expensive kit to be an alien ;). Anyway, that wheel is now safely packed away in the loft ready for any emergencies as I was lucky enough to pick up a Microsoft Wheel from a friend last May.

    From my perspective I can't imagine you get the same level of control using a pad as opposed to a wheel and pedals, little corrections of the wheel must be easier with a wheel surely and certain driving techniques such as trail braking I guess are a no-no with a pad? However, if you have been brought up using a pad then I suppose it becomes a far more natural process than it is for an old fogey like me ;).

    When all is said and done though apart from anything else I just love the immersion factor of using a wheel and pedals which I don't feel you get with a pad.
  18. Am I the only one over here that drives using the keyboard?:)
    I have a very bad wheel, I can't play with that, because it doesn't respond whell even if I set its deadzone to 0 and I don't have enough money to buy a new one, in my country they are pretty expensive : a Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 cost about 122 euros.
    The question is : if I am going to buy a Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510, for about 37 euros, will I be able to turn off the assists? I mean, with a keyboard, I can't break and shift manually, I am not very good.
  19. Are computer users able to fix a gamepad up to their computer and play with that? My freind is able to do that.. I played F1 2012 on his computer with an xbox controller once. Maybe you should try that out as a keyboard really isn't the best way of playing the game. :)
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