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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dietmar, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. What exactly are packers and what changes when I change the value for them? (Possible e.g. in the WTTCe)
  2. They help stop the car from bottoming out. So if your at a bumpy track and have had to raise the ride height, raise the packers and then lower the ride height untill you find a good balance where the car don't bottom out.
  3. but dont over do cuz in a critical situation you want everything but not ride on the packers
  4. So in real live they are a piece of rubber that you put between the springs and the car, to have something like an additional solid spring?

    The effect is car get's higher but also absorbs some bumps? But with to much it is getting like riding a jelly fish?

    The BMW e90 Extreme has 1.5 cm in its default setup, I had the impression that reducing it made the car more stable.
  5. Wow.:plus1:
    No wonder I couldnt adjust my BMW's online at Brands! The silghtest bump could give it an end. Especially if its the first turn
  6. yeah im in WTCC EXTREME since im in RDSTL league stil learning more about packer well i got 2 exemple with and without packers graphixx

    IM using motec i2 pro since mostly a start gtr evo 5 month ago

    yes motec XD motec add ,real time telemetry it already good but motec i2 pr0 wil give maybe the final touch as setup but mostly FOR CARS all gt-class,f3000 ,f1,wtcc.extreme, . wtcc touring car and mini dont using that much with motedc i2 pro .since it not hardcore setup.

    ok back to the topic packers il show 2 graphix the first 1 with no packers

    second graphix is with 1.5 packer on

    ok in the graphix the first channels is the ride height as you can see car is not bottoming ,second channel is the damper pos that where you see the diff in the packers setup :) for setting the packer 1.5 you can see it the limit before there wil be no more suspension action spring etc..
    atm with packers give me more stable to drive but it all depend how is the track :)
    this is from barcelona gp track :) maybe some 1 wil have a good answer abut this graphix a exemple:) ty
  7. No.
    It makes it possible to set a maximum travel to a spring.
    Like if you've
    ride height @ 14cm and packers @ 0
    same maximum travel of spring as when:
    ride height @ 16 and packers @ 2, but the last 2 cm to the bottom are not possible, so that means less damage on the bottom of the car.

    Like when spring are fully pressed you have 1cm space left between road and car in the first situation, but 3cm left in the second situation. That way you don't touch bumps etc

    Too much packers give a bad effect to the car, as spring travel is not enough.
  8. Michel, whats that screen thing on the left..? is it a graph to show your acceleration deceleration etc..?

  9. it a other telemetry program like motecadd only is diff

    can d/l from here http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution-mods/7706-real-time-telemetry.html

    since i got second monitor each time i take screenshot the 1 on the left is my second monitor :)

    edit;you need second monitor
  10. lol haha. I have real time telemetry. But the software on the left i never seen..:plus1:
  11. Thanks man!!:music2: