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Released PACIFIC RACEWAYS - Kent, Wa

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Kyle Murphy, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. I'm working on my first track: Pacific Raceways, located near Seattle, Wa. It's about 70% complete and was created using GPS and Google Earth data. This is my home town track. First release version should be a couple of weeks out.
  2. Good to hear. There have been two versions of this track (for rFactor) so far, but the one by NickDefender still isn't publically released and the Bud Lucas version is rather basic (conversion of GPL afaik).
    I like the track itself, though, so am looking forward to it.
  3. My first version is done and plays well.

    However, I purchased BTB and have since learned quite a bit from this first track and the online videos that I think I'm going to start over. Since it's my home track I should probably get it right. The hardest part is getting/making/ or finding the right objects. (Grandstands/buildings etc.)

    Also, I was unaware there is a site to add actual elevation data to the KML file. This is a big deal for Pacific Raceways as the elevation changes quite a bit. I was "eyeing" it from YouTube footage the first time around, which I was never happy. :o

    The 2nd time around should be much faster. :)

  4. Please don't tease with "I've made a track but ain't going to make it available". Serves no purpose. In such cases, it's better to say nothing until the track is actually being published.
    This is the 'New Tracks' thread, after all.

    "Also, I was unaware there is a site to add actual elevation data to the KML file."

    This is the bit that *is* interesting but then the site name is left out...
  5. I agree, it's a bit childish. It wasn't intended to tease. And yes, I realize I've posted this in the wrong spot. If a moderator could move it to the WIP forum that would be better.

    The site that was left out was actually from the BTB FAQ section: www.nearby.org.uk/elevation-kml.php it turns out it isn't really that accurate on the Pacific Raceways track. But I will use the Google Earth elevation data that you see as you wave the mouse over the terrain as a better guide for elevation this time around.

    I suppose I could upload what I have as v0.9.
  6. Hey man, nice first attempt, I really like it.

    It's weird. Satnu kind of talked me into releasing my Pacific aka Seawash to the public even though I was never that happy with the accuracy of it. But after trying out Bud Lucas' version of mine and Ginetto's GPL version, mine without permission and probably Ginetto's too, I couldn't let these abortions be the only ones out there.

    Back to the track, I've watched a ton of in car videos and you seem to have it pretty close. Seems that the transition from T1 to T2 drops quite a bit from what you have. If you went by Google Earth, GE shows 94 M altitude at the apex of T1 and 99 M at entrance to T2, that just ain't right. Check the linked photo in Google Earth. Maybe a bit steeper into T3A? Why not include the old Kent without the straightaway chicane and 5A/B for us old farts? The dragstrip would be nice too, I made a working Chrondek christmas tree if you want it.

    I also have a terrain mesh made from a DEM (digital elevation map), I got from the USGS. I put it in an Xpack if you want to use it for reference. It's 10M X/Y and .1M Z axes.

    I've logged 1000's of mile on mine and would love an accurate version to race. If you need any help, let me know.
  7. Elevation


    Yes, you nailed what I'm currently fixing now for version 1.0. I was out with my Porsche on July 10th (after I "finished" the rFactor track) and after WALKING the it I realized how much steeper it is in person. I looked up the elevation data and saw it actually drops a little over 110 feet from turn 2 to the bottom of turn 3b. The elevation from T1 to T2 was also noted as I drove it in person. Also, the proper camber on T8 was notably missing in v0.9.

    The whole track is actually getting rebuilt from scratch as I type this. (BTB is running in the background.) The elevation changes will be improved and the drag strip staging lines just before T8 will even be included. The drag strip will be added as well as all the aux roadway paths at the end as well as the full paddock area (parking lot) and side road down to pit lane. An "old" version of the track layout could be easily added later, too.

    If you'd like to help, (YES please, I'll take what you have and include you in the credits.) I can send you what I have in the new version and work on different parts. I could really use help on the objects. Like fencing and grandstands/buildings. We can talk offline thru my email: flat6pilot@live.com.
  8. Sub


  9. Tried it, good first effort! :tongue: Still needs work (moar treewalls in the distance?) but it drives nicely. One thing I noticed was that the trees (shadow side) were very dark, I think I read people solved that by clicking the 'render normals up' parameter.

    Could be a good one!
  10. Thanks for the encouragement, Raido. Still on a learning curve in the scenery department...among other things. I'm focusing on the track now and think I have the downhill portion into 3a/3b close to "perfect". The part of the track I'm struggling with is the hill up to T7. It's seems steep to me right now so I'm trying to get it smoothed out. Another key section is T9 around the grandstands. The width has to be right going into the straightaway.

    After I figure those out I'll be adding some key bumps around the track as well as incorporating the non-main track pieces. I'd like to be able to run down the drag-strip if possible.

    Anyway, having a lot of fun learning and playing with BTB....
  11. I live in Olympia and I've spectated, marshaled, and driven at Pacific Raceways.

    I can't wait to try this out and see how accurate it is.
  12. Version 1.0 is in the works. 1.0 should bring improvements on elevation changes at T3a and T3b and a bit more overall track accuracy among other things.

    Thanks for trying it out.
  13. Couldn't try 0.9...says invalid ID...what a shame i really like this track...
  14. Not sure what the invalid ID would be.

    I'm about 65-70% done with version 1.0

    Beginning work on scenery, objects followed by racing/pit lines. It's coming together well.
  15. Any chance to try your 0.9...or even screens or something... :)
  16. These pictures represent ~50%-60% completed track.

    Some details in the pics are just roughed in for placement. I just started work on adding walls, objects, trees, building, etc.

    I still need to fine tune the track in some places, add pavement stripping and finalize the terrain levels between T3a and T7.


    From v1.0:








  17. Niiiiiiiice.... Ok, terrain looks blurry/fuzzy, but overall it's looking pretty darn promising indeed. One tip for the treewalls though: make sure they don't look the same all over, which looks very 'computerised' (like many trackmakers I tend to put up some trees in front to break the 'repeating' look).
  18. Yea, the tree wall is just for the final background to block any holes I miss with the individual trees I'll be adding. Like in Pic 5 and 8. I was just starting to add trees. The fuzzy terrain is actually the Google earth background.
  19. Those single trees look really nice.