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PaceNote Plugin Support - Using in RSRBR

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by Pete Mull, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Please post questions here related to using the plugin in RSRBR
  2. RSRBR currently doesn't allow the use of the Pacenote plugin.

    It actually renames any unknown or unwanted plugins (DLLs) in the plugins folder to e.g. PaceNote.no.

    As a workaround you can use the beast to edit your notes outside rsrbr in a vanilla rbr installation and copy the dls to rsrbr.
    This will work only when sticking to the standard pacenote variant (Rbr.ini) using only the well known, legacy IDs.
    If you would use the Numeric/Extended variant you would only hear the corner and some other calls, but not the 200+ custom notes.
    Cause the pacenote plugin uses its own pacenote callout handler to let rbr play these sounds.

    So, there is no official way to execute the pacenote plugin in rsrbr.
    Therefore we have to lobby at rallysim to get the french allow the use of this plugin in any kind of rally (offline + online!).

    We have started lobbying here (thanks to Daniel):

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  3. Hi Workerbee, amazing job with your plugin :whistling:
    RsRBR rename the dll in plugin folder, to prevent any cheating,
    We have to test if Rscenter work with your plugin, and it will be integrate for sure.
    Thanks, Regards.
  4. Unconfirmed reports tell me that the Pacenote Plugin works now in RSRBR. If true, smashing news, that. :)
  5. Working for me !
  6. I can't seem to find anywhere if it is possible to use have custom pacenotes load automatically with RSRBR BTB stages.

    It is a long time since I was last using the pacenote plugin but I seem to remember that you could do it manually by loading the ini file at the stage start, or you could replace a dls file and it would load whenever you used that stage????

    I used to run some of the Finland stages like Ouninpohja in RXRSRBR but now they can be downloaded as a RSRBR BTB pack and show up in the BTBRS folder. I can't open the 7z files as they have a password so does this mean the only way to get custom pacenotes is to load up a ini file manually each time?
  7. Yes, 100% correct.
  8. I want to use Numeric-Decending.ini and Extended.ini for all my notes on all tracks. Can I make changes in the plugin so these notes are automatically loaded for each track. Otherwise it seems that I will have to load the plugin in each track, change the .ini files and save the .dls
  9. You can copy your preferred ini files onto "rbr.ini", replacing the originals (only the top level files).
    As rbr.ini/rbr.ini is the default in the combo boxes to choose from, the plugin loads the contents of these files.
    So, if the contents is actually derived from e.g. numeric-descending/extended you will get just what you want.
  10. Thanks for that, will give it a shot tonight.