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PaceNote Plugin Support - Use with BTB Stages

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by Pete Mull, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Please post your questions about using the plugin with BTB stages.
  2. Some users reported that it is not possible to store and run replays of BTB stages.

    Basically you could edit your pacenotes in normal driving mode as well.
    Using a replay is a recommendation for your convenience.

    Maybe we could describe kind of best practices for editing BTB notes in this thread.

    Don't forget to save your edited pacenotes to the respective "pacenotes.ini" file in the appropriate folder of the stage.
  3. It is possible to run a replay of a BTB Stage but only straight after driving the Stage. Some of the camera views are not working eg. TV View, but you can run the replay using in-car or chase views. If you leave the Stage, then you can't run the replay.

    Maybe this is a possible convenient way to use the Pacenote Editor for BTB?
  4. Yes, this sounds reasonable.
    As far as I remember BTB does not support these dynamic TV (replay) cameras.
    This information is located in the DLS files as well, but is not populated with data by the BTB track editor.

    Best would be to drive in recce speed ~50 km/h or maybe slower. Then all callouts should be consistent while testing.
    In contrary to vanilla RBR the plugin actually emits the pacenotes during replays (can be muted via menu for viewing replays).

    Remember to save your changes before you leave the stage.
  5. Yep, and being able to jump backwards and forwards should help this process too.
  6. Hi WorkerBee your correct my friend you cant watch BTB stages in TV cam mode as i have already questioned this at Rallye-sim you can only watch replays in relation to the car. However you can use the cam-hack to get diff. views. Shame really as it would be really great to see stages like rally finland in TV cam.
  7. More the issue is being able to edit/have custom notes for BTB stages not watching them, driving then!! :)
  8. Hi guys! I'm new in Track design, and I'm curious about BTB and PaceNotePlugin. Is it possible to create different cameras for a BTB Track using PaceNote Plugin?
  9. No.
    The Pacenote plugin allows to edit the car's cameras only, not the replay cameras of the track, be it original or BTB.
  10. Thanks WorkerBee! And is not possible to convert the camera cars to static one?