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PaceNote Plugin Support - Download

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by WorkerBee, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. The current version of the pacenote plugin alias "The Beast" can be downloaded here:

    RBR Pacenote plugin

    Version History
    1.10.0 2015-02-03
    * optimized end scene hook

    1.9.0 2015-01-19
    * show replay hud and mute pacenotes switches in config file

    1.8.0 2014-09-21
    * added support for online plugins

    1.7.0 2014-06-17
    * added french translation and sounds

    1.6.0 2013-08-31
    * added czech translation and sounds
    * suppress "wrong way" message (menu)

    1.5 2013-03-02
    * fixed moving of dash at higher resolutions

    1.3 2013-01-02
    * show dialogs in countdown and endrace mode
    * no save button in replay tab
    * reset callout handler
    * keep setting of "no link/sticky" attribute when adding subsequent notes

    1.2 2012-12-21
    * slowmotion and fast forward in replay
    * mute callouts separately in game and replay mode

    1.1 2012-04-07
    * new special "Callout Adjust" pace note
    * show dialogs in game menu mode
    * load pacenotes from BTB formatted ini file
    * "remove all" menu item

    1.0 2012-04-01
    * Initial version.
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  2. Link in first post changed :)
  3. smasha


    Doesn't work.
  4. Updated to version 1.7, link as usual in first post.

    Thanks to Christophe we now have French pacenote sounds and the dialogs have been translated to French as well.

    It takes time, but we get more and more languages into "The Beast" thanks to the efforts of the community.
  5. Updated to version 1.8, link as usual in first post.

    Only minor changes this time to better support some online plugins.
  6. Updated to version 1.10.

    See readme for details.