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Pacenote Editor Tutorial

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Pete Mull, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. I've done a short tutorial on how to use Pacenote Editor - it's only online at the moment but will try to get it converted and posted in this thread.

    Any questions comments or corrections please post in this thread.

    Pacenote Editor Tutorial

  2. Love your work Pete!! Nice one
  3. Nice Pete
  4. hes a star!!
  5. Don't, you'll have me blushing - not good at my age !!:redface:

  6. i edited a couple of stages ready for the next league rally, Harwood forest & Chirdonhead II. but when i run Harwood on anything but good conditions the pace notes some how revert back to default, yet Chirdonhead II`s edited pace notes work perfect under any weather conditions.

    I also had problems with Noiker some times having my edits and some times default, so i`m thinking that Noiker has the same qwerk with weather.

    Anyone else come accross this?
  7. Almost every stage has at least two kinds of pace notes. One for good and another one for bad weather.

    The kind of the pace note file can be determined by a special character in the "dls" (Drive Line Specification?) file name: track-NN_x.dls, where NN: map number, x: time of day.
    Time of day is M(orning), E(evening), N(oon). Special are S(ervice), and O(verlay) which is being used for bad weather.

    So, the trick here is to edit the appropriate file for the time of day of interest, or better: edit only the (one) good weather pace notes and copy the corresponding track-NN_x.dls file over the other ("O" etc) ones.
  8. Can it work online driving in RSRBR, or always with launching by dll?
  9. You can only edit pacenotes by running RBRdll as that is where the pacenote editor facility is.

  10. manythanks WorkerBee :D
  11. so I cant edit btb stages?
  12. BTB stages have a different format to 'mormal' stages and are not editable with RBRdll.
  13. Just a guess:
    In the RX_CONTENT\Track\xxx subfolder there is a file "pacenotes.ini".
    These are converted by rx_plugin into native pacenotes while loading.

    With some trial and error you may be able to edit the pacenotes by adding/changing the type/distance/flag values.
    Maybe someone has the time and motivation to try it.

  14. I think Nigel tried to edit the ini file but without much success - I may have time this weekend to take a look at it and see if anything can be done - thanks for the input WorkerBee.

  15. I've given this a try and unfortunately the .ini file gets overwritten when you launch the stage from the RSCenter. I suppose that it you amended the .ini file and put it in a safe place you could run the game in windows mode and replace the .ini file between selecting the setup and starting the stage (that might work but a lot of messing - will try later).

  16. Or try setting the file to read only, this should keep the file from being overwritten when the track is unzipped.
  17. Unfortunately both hidden and read only, the .ini file still gets overwritten:frown: when RSCentre loads the track.
  18. I have just done some more checking and I've found that the Track information is loaded into the RX_CONTENT\Track sub folder when you start the track in RSCentre. If you let the track load and take it to the point where you are ready to start the stage then you can then edit the pacenote.ini file of the track you have just loaded and the edits will be called when you start the stage. You need to ignore the first few entries and start editing at the first pacenote [P1].

    Unfortunately the edited pacenote.ini file will get overwritten when you next start the track in RSCenter so you would have to save the edited pacenote.ini file somewhere else and overwrite the loaded pacenote.ini file just before you start the stage.

    I haven't got the time at the moment to look at whether you could have permanent folders/files in the RX_CONTENT\Track sub folder and use the operating system permissions to prevent them being deleted or overwritten by RSCenter.

    If anyone can come up with a solution to the problem of the files being overwritten then I'd be happy to make some BTB pacenote files as and when we use them in the Championship or Club rallies.

  19. Well the thing is that whenever you edit BTB pacenotes, you have to (exit and) open RSCenter again so that it loads the latest versions of stage .7z files. So if we're to be precise, RSCenter doesn't overwrite anything, it just loads all the stages in RXRSRBR folder at one go - and only once - when you start RSCenter. The utility cannot "refresh" the stage folder whenever you've done any pacenote edits.

    The bigger problem comes when you dream about having your own pacenotes in online rallys, meaning that you have to edit the BTB stage packs. That has been impossible so far because the packs are protected by passwords. And maybe for a good reason, because one could theoretically cheat by editing the pacenote txt file, and for instance shorten any stage that way. And in rallies, 1-2 meters could make all the difference. :)

    EDIT. Actually going to Index via File tab and then back should be enough. So a full restart isn't necessary.
  20. "call distance" which distance exactly? to the upcoming turn or the actual turn which behind is this mark?