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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by John Allen, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. I have an ISSUE with the pace car,though I am not to good with BTB yetI have been trying to recreat Desert Speedway from SCGT by memory,got an ok track at this point(I think)but when I test it with a quick race,no matter where I past the No.2 Aux. car it sits in the middle of my pit lane and the AI's crash in to it. Is there something I am do'ing wrong? any help would be great.

    Thanks John Allen

    Oh by the way,how can I change the load screen from GTR to a map of the track I am trying to make?
    Thanks again.
  2. Hi John.

    Courtesy MotoFX at NoGripRacing:

    look in the aiw file for your rfactor track for the lines similar to below in this example


    then open the aiw file in gtr2 track
    add an entry at the bottom of the [GRID] section called GridIndex=103
    copy and paste the pos and ori lines from the lines in found in your rfactor track LocationIndex=0
    to underneath GridIndex=103
    so it looks similar to this


    then add an entry at the bottom of the [PITS] section in your gtr2 aiw
    called TeamIndex=51
    copy and paste the pos and ori lines from LocationIndex=1
    underneath but add the word "Pit" before both lines
    so it looks similar to this


    for the load screen, you need to create your own, in something like Photoshop or similar, then place that load screen file into your location folder, making sure the programme is 'pointing' to the correct file to load.
  3. Not sure If my responce to your reply went to you or if I just mested up some how,but Thank you for your reply to my thred.. I do not own rFactor,I only have GTR2,so would the same apply to using another GTR2 folder work? THANKS AGAIN..
  4. Yip, same as GTR2
  5. COOL!!!! IT WORKED I THANK YOU!!!! I am verry new at this alot of trile and error lol.. Thanks...
  6. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    IIRC, in rfactor it has to be 800x600 jpg, maybe there is something similar in GTR2.
  7. 800x600 is used for the standard rFactor tracks, but I've used larger ones [1024x768] with no problem