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P1 vs LaFerrari

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Daryllwin, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Hi all

    As the title says, which do you guys think is faster around the track?

    Now that they're both on AC, anyone care to share your experiences?

    I've personally gotten faster laptimes out of the LaFerrari but I seem to get the laps wrong more often in it as well. Maybe I'm not pushing the P1 hard enough or something.

  2. btw the P1 uses DRS, im not sure if that explains the difference in your laptimes but yeah thats pretty major if you didnt know :)
  3. Basically...
  4. ens


    The P1 definitely seems to have slightly better weight distribution. The Ferrari feels to be more heavy in the back and I assume has a softer suspension, which helps when I want to throw that weight around.
  5. IMO the real problem with the Ferrari is that it feels like the dampers are in "comfort" mode, it doesn't seem to feel as tight as it maybe should in track mode. Still more fun tho :p
  6. Turk


    The McLaren has a real race mode though which gives it a huge advantage on track, being able to lower the car and put up a big wing gives it almost GT race car levels of downforce. The ferrari is stuck at it's road height. It would be interesting to see how they compared on a road with road height suspension.
  7. imo both of them have too much grip in fast corners und too good traction in slow corners, in all testdrives you can see them drift like forever, not me in AC, but maybe iamdoing sth wrong.
    However, i prefer the P1, for its sound and for it is not bouncing around so much
  8. The P1 feels better to me, much more balanced and I'm quicker with it too. The Ferrari TheFerrari understeers too much for me.
  9. That's true, but I'm only talking about the dampers themselves. It feels like they can't handle the workload at speed in the Ferrari, that's all.

    IMO, it feels like high downforce cars (which the hypercars are, even if they are street cars) are too efficient at speed, it's like they produce too much downforce. While at low speed I feel like they could do with a bit more grip in general.

    I can drift the hypercars just fine, don't forget that they are on slicks by default. Put the road tyres on and they'll be happy to go sideways for you :p

    Other way around. The P1 is quite understeery. If you understeer more in the Ferrari, that's because you turn the wheel too much, the steering ratio is quite fast on it, so easy to "over-turn".
  10. okey i´ve done a 6:56 now with track slow and road tires and 50 liters fuel,
    and i indeed went sideways one or twice :)

    may i ask what your changes to the setup are ?
    6:49 is damn fast under that conditions man, almost unbelievable :)
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  11. Bit more camber, 31psi on the tyres. I had about the same fuel load too. I only did one lap though, so I could probably go a bit faster than that.
  12. let me know when you go online ;)
  13. Well, I was earlier and did this, LOL
  14. 5: 57 ? no chance...your mixing things here
    P1 is a car
    P51 is this[​IMG]
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  15. I don't experiment with setups; I just use the default. At Mugello, I've gotten 1:52+ with both. They're different, but I like both.
  16. Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. The P1 understeers much less for me. We can simply disagree.