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Oversteer & tailhappy car

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by livpoksoc, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Hi, sorry if this has been covered before. I was bought 2012 as an xmas gift & have only been playing a week but am getting really frustrated at how tail happy the car is in the medium speed long corners (e.g. 12 at bahrain & 11 at spain) where the car will just slide out, sometimes going off throttle & sometimes when on, i've tried amending my line, reducing steering angle and/throttle but i'm still getting slides & v v v frustrated.

    If anyone can offer guidance i'd appreciate it.
    I'm playing on xbox 360 with a standard controller in a toro rosso in career mode (20% race distance).

    I have all aids on except brakes (ABS is on).

  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Moved to main board, such threads don't belong to the setup subforum. :)

  3. Ok thanks, wasn't sure as navigating on tapatalk
  4. Sorry which board is this now on as i can't see it anywhere other than 'recent topics'
  5. Only thing which comes to mind is to lower the speed (what you are doing) but dont go to full lock with steering wheel (this is more useful in slowspeed corners), just steer gently and continuously, but on stick of gamepad it can be dificult I presume... and ABS isnt good either..
  6. Thanks, i am lowering speed but then too slow and it will slide anyway, it is getting very frustrating & wonder if it's a fault because reviews I read praised the new 'improved' handling.

    I'm annoyed because 2010 & 11 were too easy on the same settings, but this time too hard, there must be a balance. On laps I don't slide I am 1.5+ seconds faster than AI but when i do, it's 15 seconds waster righting the car & possibly damaged front wing. Surely it could have been kept similar handling but make AI tougher to beat.
  7. i would try it without abs, if you dont use TC.. can be frustrated but after you can handle this it should make you quicker.. this year handling feels to me closest to SIM, so even if I dont test it, playing on gamepad without assists would brake my fingers :D on wheel its lets say "easy"
  8. ok will try it out, i have TC on full and ABS on, but will turn it off.

    Also, anyone know why when you're off track the game will automatically dictate your braking? Is that a setting that can be turned off? Or is it to prevent shortcuts that has overkilled it if you run wide on a tarmaced run off?
  9. yes cant be turn off, it prevent cutting, and this is to one thing wich leads to brake your wings off track, and as its work like ABS, I thing that turning off abs can prevent this sliding on track to... I got one xbox controler for pc and I thing that L2 and R2 can be used without assist , but again will be hard to master
  10. Ok, so a wheel can help with improving smooth cornering?
  11. Definitely :) but I play on PC, so I use it for lot more game, but even if I got xbox, Im huge formula 1 fan so I would buy some even for this game :D but again it must have FFB!!! :)
  12. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Why :)? What forces do you actually feel in F1 2012? I feel none to be very honest apart from very annoying fake forces when you run over a rumblestrip or kerbstone.
  13. cant be compared with RF2 at all :) but definitely I feel something, I use some ffb mode, and I can feel understeer, oversteer even some bumps and gears :) but without mod it was lets say good to, but diferent then pervious years ofc.
  14. Ok so i tweaked the setups from the recommendations in the other section & adjusted driving style, it seems to curb it a bit, but at monaco, it's near impossible to not get a penalty if you have a spinc righting the car causes an accident with an AI car, if u wait for a gap to right the car you get a penalty for 'dangerous driving' wtf?