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Overheating engine

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Booth.the.doberman, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. In two consecutive offline races, the safety car has come out and stayed out for two laps. By the end of the second lap, my engine was so hot, it quit when the green flag dropped. On another occasion, I had to sit in the pits while my crew fixed an oops and my engine overheated and failed. What's the trick when the engine is overheating in those situations?
  2. Radiator and safetycar speed...

    Which car/mod?
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  3. Even without knowing the mod, I can recommend keeping revs low. Mod-specific items to consider is how much tape you have on the radiator.
  4. Running the Red Bull in the 2013 mod.
  5. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    High gear and low revs when behind safety car and I'm not sure if you can get your car started when in pits, if you can then turn your car off during longer pitstops
  6. I'm not familiar with that mod.
    If the above tips don't work: Maybe you can contact the creator.
  7. I guess you mean my mod. Use higher radiator opening setting and use engineboostsetting 3 (lower revs, saving fuel and increasing engine life time).

    Oh and don't drive in the wake of the cars in front! Their turbulent air is very hot and also kills your engine. Basically, just do what the real guys do :p. It is a sim after all!

    EDIT: If you pit for rear wing repair (or other repairs that last for at least one minute), your engine will not survive this, just like reality. You have to turn off the engine for this
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  8. Yes, Frenky, your mod. I really like it. I have only been racing for a couple of months so I'm still bad enough that I don't do much mechanical work on the car. I didn't even realize that there were things that can affect this. So much to learn.
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  9. Safety car speed shouldn't technically be enough to create a vacuum and thus affect the engine cooling. But it's better to have a bit of an exaggerated aspect that forces players to not be abusive with setups than the polar opposite. Some mods have no affect on water and oil temps, sometimes stock content is released with that being an oversight.

    And for those who do pit for long periods, they should map the ignition and starter keys. As Frenky said, cars can overheat and that's why teams bring the portable fans to place by the radiators