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Overheating at Monaco

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by sinister_exaggerator, May 11, 2011.

  1. I'm somewhat new to F1 2010, and I'm currently at Monaco. As the title implies, according to the temperature graphic in the car status, my engine runs hot for almost the entire lap, which in the race would likely lead to engine damage. Does this have to do with my gear ratios being too short, or is it something else?
  2. try to change gear earlier, the ratios are too short but they need to be like that, try to change it before the all the LEDs light up.
  3. show us a video of your driving
  4. or turn down the engine mapping
  5. I overheat my engine quite a bit and havent seen any noticable repercussions.....does it actually do anything if you overheat it? ive never had and engine failure retirment, nor seen any drop in pace.
  6. It just ruins your preformance abit, also if you are in career. It can damage the engine. There are videos on youtube of engine failure.
  7. Yeah, I've had the engine on the car status graphic turn from grey to yellow due to overheating. Never had it actually fail, but it noticeably impacted performance. I tried shifting at lower revs, but I still have the same problem. Does it have anything to do with the weather (It's pretty hot out during the session I'm in)?
  8. Do assists protect engines? probably not but you never know, it would make sense if engines did fail with full rules and full sim on.
  9. Are you in a Mclaren? Check to see if the engineers left one of the side pod bungs in... ^_~
  10. Its quite hard not to have a red engine on Monaco due to all the bumps making your rev meter go crazy which heats up your engine. Just try to short shift as best as you can but there's not much you can do unfortunately.
  11. Alright, that helps. I just wanted to know if it was a problem with my driving and/or setup
  12. Well, good news everyone. I finally just broke and bought a racing wheel on ebay, and that made all the difference. I was getting pathetic lap times on this particular track using just my gamepad (around 1:22.x - 1:26.x) and now my quickest laps on Monaco with the wheel are in the low 1:17 range. Qualified pole, won the race, still had engine overheating problems but it was nothing I couldn't work through.