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Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Axel Moebius, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. I got over exposed windscreens and helmets when HDR is turned on and everything seems a bit too bright. Think it came with the automated Hdr. Can I do anything about it? besides turning HDR off. Its really annoying.
  2. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    RedShift Racing Staff Member Premium Member

    I'm not sure if there is much you can do beyond changing the HDR setting - either using a different profile, or turning it off altogether. Is this an issue that occurs all of the time, or only at certain times of the day on track? What I mean is, does the position of the Sun affect the amount of windscreen glare? I had this problem a while back - during a 12 hour endurance event no less - and made the drastic decision to change the camera that I use for driving - there were also other advantages of this, though I appreciate that this may be something that you don't want to do. This does make driving incredibly difficult - the windscreen seems to become translucent, and almost close to opaque; can't for the life of you see where you're supposed to be going. Not only annoying, but also rather dangerous during a race. Another quick question, does this problem seem to affect some cars more than others? I found that this was the case when testing to replicate the issue.
  3. Thank you for responding. Yes, the Gt3 mod, Bes 0,99 there is a difference between cars. Some looks like they dont have windscreens and the others have overexposed windscreens. Just tried the Karts at Quebec and there is an option to switch between realistic and automated HDR. Makes a huge difference. Realistic setting is the best looking by far. At least on my Pc. Would be nice to have that option on most tracks. Cockpit driving here;)
  4. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    RedShift Racing Staff Member Premium Member

    No problem Axel. Right, OK. As I expected, it sounds like the problem you're having with those cars to do with glare and reflection - the brightness of the sunlight, and the top of the dashboard reflecting in the windscreen. So I would suggest turning off the HDR or reducing the reflection settings in an attempt to reduce the cloudiness. Regarding the karts, I'm assuming you don't have such a problem with them given that they don't have a windscreen. :laugh: Regarding the HDR profiles, "automation" selects a chosen default profile for a particular track, though this may not necessarily be the best looking setting - I would expect that track mod developers would more often than not select the optimum setup to be the default.

    Yeh, I used to swear by driving using the cockpit view, but since this issue begun I started using the TV Nose view with the virtual mirrors, as it also helps to increase my spacial awareness (especially when your racing side-by-side with another car) - reduces the need to use the look left and right buttons, which can be incredibly distracting when your trying to race another car and not hit it (particularly when going into a corner), and allows you to better judge / see how close you are to a car ahead. And finally it aids you to see cars that are coming up on your blind side - if you have TrackIR or something then it would probably be fine, but without this I find that it's difficult to look around you in cockpit view when racing close to other cars. :D
  5. Well, I have the problem with Karts aswell. All helmets are overexposed, but not when I switch too realistic Hdr. Have to live with that I guess;)