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Oval tracks?!?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by angelooliveira, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. I'm loving the GSC 12, I feel more grip and the FFB are way better. But, why not somee oval tracks?!?! Would be nice to race with Reiza classics at oval tracks. It's not necessary a famous one like Daytona, Indianapolis.

    What about you guys?!?
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    For oval races I fire up Arca or iRacing.
  3. but arca is like GSC 12?? It's so great the FFB and AI at Reiza Simulator GSC. I never tried Arca.

    iRacing I used to race but there is no offline mode. :(
  4. ARCA feels closely to NR2003 which in fact seemed much better connected to the ovals than most of the mods based on ISI's rfactor, and GSC doesn't necessarily has oval suited content.
  5. ARCA is great,

    i was on that game for 6 months participating in leagues, the feel of the cars are great and the tracks are detailed nicely :)
  6. Search on google and you´ll find some oval tracks done by modders.
  7. Hi Webber, I bought yesterday ARCA and raced some laps. For me ARCA isn´t a good simulator, there is no FFB, just a engineer "push and press".

    I totally regret my 50 bucks!!
  8. there is FFB and it's great, i guess it's down to personal preference isn't it.
  9. Yes, I assume it is. Sorry, I was a little bit angry. I like to much Nascar and thought a different simulator.

    I will try more to "understand" the sim Arca.