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Apps OV1 - F1 2014 HUD 0.92b

A replica of one of the early designs of the F1 2014 Season TV Overlay HUD

  1. Ovidiu Barabula submitted a new resource:

    OV1 - F1 2014 HUD - A replica of one of the early designs of the F1 2014 Season TV Overlay HUD

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  2. Hi Ovidiu idc it works but i will ask u can u make this amazing Tv HUD for F 1 2013 Game ? that will be so awesome
  3. Hi,

    I'm sorry but I don't own a copy of F1 2013. Also, I'm not sure if it supports these kind of mods like AC does. :( I will look into it, but I can't promise anything.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!
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  4. I have to thank but it is often worth try :)
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  5. Hey Ovidiu would be cool if you keep me up to date could
  6. I had mark "f12014hud" in General AC Settings but I have not any new icons in the right side of screen in the game (for any outsourse plagins too). What I did wrong? What means "The folder "f12014hud" should be next to the "gMeter" and "system" folders" - I have not gMeter folder at all...
  7. Hi,

    If you press HOME when you're in the sim (car and track loaded) do you see any message regarding the app? Could you make a print-screen of the console and post it here?
  8. Hmm, that's a messy console... *sigh*

    Here's what I suggest you do:

    • Exit Assetto Corsa completely (close launcher)
    • Open up this file:
    • Delete everything except:
    • Now open up this file:
      C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USERNAME\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\python.ini
    • Do the same as previous
    • Go to Assetto Corsa's python folder:
    • Move all folders except Chat and system outside of the python folder -- meaning you remove all the apps from Assetto Corsa, so we can start fresh. IMPORTANT: do not delete your folders, just move them outside or on your desktop.
    • Now download the latest version of OV1 F1 2014 HUD and extract the contents of the archive inside Assetto Corsa's root folder:
    • Open up the AC launcher. Go to Settings > General and make sure you check the f12014hud checkbox.
    • Launch the sim witha car/track combo that is default to AC (just to make sure you're not using old mods that aren't yet updated for version 0.22.xx)
    • Check the console for any messages and look inside the app sidebar for the app's icon.
  9. All OK after renew game file cash. Thank U.
  10. Glad to hear that! :D
  11. Ovidiu,
    Have you done any benchmarking with FRAPS, with and without your HUD enabled.
    I have a strange experience. I get JERKs with it. They increase in size and the time inbetween them increases with time. The get to the point that I can not drive.
    I turned off all the apps that were checked in the UI modules AC form that might also cause a problem like Corner Performance, Traction Circle and even ACTI to motec output. Ran smooth. Two perfect runs. Then I turn your HUD on and I get jerks. Tried 2 runs. The attached FRAPS frametime plots shows these jerks as BIG frame time glitches.
    I really like you BIG brake indicator to try to optimize braking but I can not train with it if its causing these issues. Maybe you know of some other app that gives a big brake indicator that I could use instead. Bye the way, I did turn down or off all the AC settings. You can see my FPS rate is very high most of the time given that I am running 2 Nvidia 780ti and and i7 cpu. Any suggestions? I posted two frametimes plots with you HUD on and then one with it off.
    I have the time to help you track this down if you need me to try anything. Just let me know. (pm me or post here)

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  12. Hi,

    I am aware of some stutters and jitters caused by the app(s). It has to do with the way I deal with "animations" multiple textures that are not part of a sprite and recalling the texture file each time I need to change the texture. This will cause AC to write a lot of useless lines in the log files. Something like "you're looking for image A > image A exists", which doesn't help at all when working with 3rd party apps. It may be useful for the AC devs, but for me it's not.

    I've already opened a thread on the official AC forums with this issue and I got no response from the devs. It seems that people are interested in the issue, but to no avail. We'll have to wait until we get the official dev tools and upgraded python API, which hopefully will help with dealing with these kind of effects that the app(s) are using.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I truly appreciate your effort in diagnosing the problem, but for now I'm afraid I can't do anything -- my hands are tied.

    Here's one for better optimized apps! :)
  13. Ovidiu Barabula

    You said.
    ? I've already opened a thread on the official AC forums with this issue and I got no response from the devs.
    If you give me the thread name I will post there as well. Or I can start a 2nd post. Please advise.
  14. Sure, here's the thread:

    I don't think the devs will pay attention to it though. Until V1.0 of AC will be released we're left behind, I'm afraid.
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  15. I reported this in racedepartment but thought you might like to know about this. With AC v1.0 today, I got jerks in a 9 laps but not 0 when I had turned on your OV1 F1 2014 HUD and Corner Performance and a few internal apps. FRAPS shows 2 jerks > 33msec. One at 250msec and one 370msec. . I did not see any jerks yesterday with only internal aps Gears, Delta, and Pedals. Then today I also tried 20 laps with F1 014 HUD turned OFF. No jerks. Next I turned ALL apps of except your OV1, did more laps to see if the jerk size increases and it did. Only have your app on... Just let me know I can always use the practice. FRAPs example attached, just like I reported before increasing size of jerks with your app running. Bye the way the last one made me crash BAD in a corner. 560ms frametime jerk means I just can not use your app right now. Hope there is a solution since its a great way to SEE the brake and throttle movement during a turn. I will be able to use it in replays.

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  16. Fieldy

    practice makes perfect.....and a bit of luck :)

    awesome app, anyway to display mph. understand if not