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Outguage support in racer and possiable applications

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. does racer support outguage like live for speed and if so how does one get it working because their is something i would love to see implemented into racer it might finally solve out automatic transmission issue if so i have personally used it and i think if we can get or already have OutGuage support in racer this is worth a look http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?t=55636
  2. All we need to do is have a nice look up table for auto I think.

    Cosmo sent a cool link for DSG with a table in it which I thought made sense.

    X axis was road speed iirc, and Y axis was throttle, then lines were drawn from top to bottom which were the crossover points for doing a shift.

    So line 1 was when to drop into 1st, line 2 was when to move up out of 1st, line 3 was when to drop from 2nd to 1st, line 4 was when to move from 2nd to 3rd, and so on.
    These lines moved left and right as they moved up the graph... it looked quite a logical approach. Racer could easily LUT this info, assuming the lines were ordered as above for each gear!

    The main issue really is a torque converter for the shift itself. It just needs to be a nice way to slurr between gears that doesn't allow the revs to flare up... kinda like a long blend between the two gears without an actual clutch event.


  3. *mr wippy has earned 1000 respect of knowladge points*
  4. Hehe, Cosmo is the one who found the document with the table in it that looked very nice and intuitive... Cosmo gets 500 of Mr Whippy's respect of knowledge points :D

    I keep 500 because, errr, I can ;)


    I, or Cosmo, might try get that picture up as inspiration for others. I think it's just what we need. Even if the LUT was used, if present, when automatic=1, and then tweak the basic clutch as much as we can, I think it should work ok.

    The only one other thing is that ideally once a shift is in motion, the trigger of another shift shouldn't be allowed until the clutch events are all finished. Right now if your revs flare up during a shift (cut_throttle=0 which is needed for nice automatic gearbox slurring), then you can end up going up several gears during one shift event!

  5. Here it is:

  6. Thanks Cosmo!

    I think a LUT like that for when to change gear in auto, tied in with no new gear changes while one is active, would wrap up my automatic gearbox desires for a good while.
    It wouldn't be perfect, but it'd be a 90% of the way there kind of thing... and way better than most other games get in this regard full stop.

  7. Sorry,
    I think this graphic is only for automatic gearbox, no? and depends only of how it convert the speed (diference between velocity in engine and wheels) in torque?
  8. That graphic is simply a shifting look up table based on throttle and wheel speed (so if you spin it'll shift up a gear still, not ideal)

    The shifting logic in Racer right now could do with checking un-driven wheel speed like ABS or TCS does, to double check if the car is actually going as fast as the rpm's suggest, or if you are spinning the wheels and not moving very quickly, and only allow a shift if we are within say 80% of the actual speed we think we are going from the wheel speed.

    OR, we could just cheat and check world relative velocity, and if they deviate too much, we must be spinning lots, so don't allow a gear shift.

  9. heh since im as dumb as a brick as to how to even begin to implement this ill just ask how yall might begin to do it if you where going to implement it maybe we can drag Rudd in here to take a look at it
  10. This table is just a look up as to when to shift.

    A few times a second you'd just check the table, see if a shift was required, and if so, do it.

    Right now the arguement is simply engine rpm, above a certain point, shift up, below a certain point, shift down.

    This table just says to look at throttle position and speed instead (probably more realistic for an automatic car)

    The thing is, this is only really useful for road cars/driving. When racing it's less important really, thus it might not be a big thing for Ruud to get done any time soon.