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Out of sight bug?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by SKIZZY, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hello.

    I'm currently doing a career mode on legend difficulty.

    I went into Q1, I loaded my setup -> Then used flying lap, Did my quali lap np, hit all the apex and was sure I was going to atleast be going into Q2,hit the escape button and return to garage, and I did but what's weird is that Kovalainen were 1 second faster than everyone else. I thought okey mayby he was on options and everyone else primes.

    So I went into Q2, did the same thing over again, flying lap, this time i did 2 laps instead of one and everyone was so much faster when i was back in the garage.

    So I decided to test my theory. ( When you're on the track, AI is super fast, when ur in the garage they're "normal/slow".

    Instead of using the "flying lap" i used the drive out option instead, so I was first out and did my quali lap as fast as possible, then immediately when I crossed the line I went back to the garage, and I got pole easily by 1 second or so faster than the 2nd guy.

    This is really dissapointing. This was in '11 to if I remember correctly? Will this be fixed in the first patch? Have anyone else expirienced this to?
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  2. Yeah, I noticed it too, but this year the out of sight bug has lesser effect tho.
  3. Yep. And i have also identified an additional bug: i have set 50% race distance for my career and had 15 lap race in Australia... :(
  4. PS3 version?
  5. Can i know what car you drive and whats your lap time ??
  6. Nope... PC
  7. Heard about rumors on the Codies forum where PS3 users were reporting that career mode was stuffed, not allowing them to do more than 25% race distance. That's why I asked. :)
  8. I'm playing on PS3, 50% race distance is 29 laps, maybe you didn pay attention and set it to 25%, that would be 15 laps? Regarding the lap times in Quali I noticed it too
  9. Nope... i am using PC version.. 50% - 15 laps (bug!).
    Just started a new profile since I couldn't save any progress on my previous one anymore... very sad!
    I have deactivated autosave now, lets hope this solves that issue.