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Out of Fuel?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by DikiDino, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Just finished my first race in Aus. Running in expert setting and 50% race distance.

    Throughout the whole race, i am running in Standard fuel setting but only spend 1 lap running on Rich as engineer told me that i can on to Rich to catch up with the car in front to gain a position. I did that and after i overtook the front car, i switch back to standard and continue to race.

    However, to my horror. At the last 5 turns, my fuel is out and i need to drag myself to the finish line. Losing a position.

    I was like, wow. That really suxs.

    Anyone able to provide some information on how the fuel works?

    Btw, i'm driving for the williams.
  2. If you go to the 3rd car status screen (3rd click) it will give an estimate as to how your fuel load is going. It will say +1 lap if you have enough fuel and will say -1lap or -2 lap if your running short and need to lean the mix.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Yep good pic, I always switch between those 3 tabs (mostly to check Tire wear and fuel remaining) at some point every lap, best to do it in a straightaway with no traffic near you. just like texting while driving.
  5. Thanks guy! its sure will helps a lot! :)
  6. On a side note, it's not just fuel mix but driving style that affects fuel usage. Just like real life really. In Singapore Alonso was getting instructions to lift off the throttle a second before braking to save a little fuel.

    When the safety car is out always switch to lean - it will give you a couple extra laps fuel so you can run rich mix for longer.
  7. For every 50% Race i do i run in fast for 7 laps at the start the rest is in standard and then i go to lean mix 3 for a good 3-4 laps.

    but the key for me is to not over rev the engine, in high gears i cut the revs and change gear to save some fuel, it helps!
  8. So, everyone make sure they attack Scott from Lap 8, not before! Hehe - thanks for the tip, see you at the Nurburg on Wed :D

    EDIT - by the way, im hearing reports that even auto gear drivers who used to be able to enjoy Fast mapping in 2010 for the whole race are now suffering from fueling issues towards the end of the race - rejoice!