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WIP Ouninpohja Stage Finland

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by nokanmov, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. This is very long project and extra difficoult. I have plan to do first, about 12km section to track. Total is 34km. We, me and etisoppo named 3D MAX program user, we have done some co-operation with the Ouninpohja stage. He have already to do stage onto 3D max, 4.2km section is the concept model already. But i have done my own version too, but work is much slower, because i have want to do hardcore simulation to that stage.

    It is difucoult because i need to calculate in every 20meters the stage altitude changes. I have already calculate 4.2km section. That spend time about 5, 6H days. Lot work is to do, cambers, junctions, ditches, houses, landmarks, all need to be exactly right. Because simulation is the exactly sharp.

    Volunteers are welcome in this project. More informaton follows, because i have spend time with this project occasional in this year. I have lots of material.
  2. Ouninpohja map 1/3

    I have thinking to sent Ouninpohja stage concept 4.2km model to volunteers who want to join the Ouninpohja project. Who want to join the devepment team?
  3. I'm in! Sorry for being a little late, but now I ordered my pc today and will get it next week. I would like to map your stage in max if you want to convert to original format...
  4. Good to hear that you get new computer finally :)
    What you mean to convert original format, what i need to do to send Ouninpohja in right format to you?
  5. "Ouninpohja is all stages grandfather: really fast and crazy jumps... very grazy stage, especially in early days we were drive it into dark" - Co-driver Fred Gallager -

    "In Ouninpohja stage you need to see kilometrs forward, you need to know what to do next. Ouninpohja´s speeds, driveline need to be in millimetre accurate, if you want to get over corners and jumps at high speed. Junction Mutanen aboard Jämsä coming really high speed. Between Mutanen junction and Kakaristo you not even need to change smaler gear, even thought road turn always somewhere" - Juha Kankkunen -

    Ouninpohja material, links:
    Speeded onboard video from stage 1/2 and 2/2


    etisoppo´s 3D MAX version concept Ouninpohja model 2 incar videos
    etisopo´s driving

    etisopo´s Ouninpohja Finnish driver, rallilada

    Fastest and difficultest stage in the world, with bigests jumps.
    "for me, most difficultest stage for all time" - Nicky Grist -
    Max average speed 132km/h

    Goodbye Ouninpohja, 2000 legendary startline. Sainz Focus rare incar footage:

    Mikko Hirvonen on Ouninpohja incar footage:

    Ouninpohja onboard BMW M3 and run ends like many times it does. Ouninpohja be too difficult during run:

    Youtube Ouninpohja ducumentary clip starts at time 03:46 from folowing link:

    Links into BHM Forum Ouninpohja speak

  6. That what is already done:
    - GPS-route
    - backround image by map picture
    - calculated altitude changes 4.2 km forward to startline
    - BTB-project file with included all above
  7. Hi all!

    I'm in. I have full stage Incar from Ouninpohja what is filmed in this summer at 30th. july 2009. I don't have skills to do stage with BTB or with other programs like that. I can try to do buildings to Ouninpohja, when I have time. Now I have to send my rally videos to the drivers and do clips from many rallies...But, if someone needs my Incar video, I can send it...I also can be a testdriver, I have played RBR since it released (that rallilada's driving is my driving...) and I have been wathcing rally in Ouninpohja many many times, I know well that kind of road profile and how fast you can drive into the corners and how long cars jump etc...Hard to explain in English but hopefully you guys understand...

    Best Regards,
    Riku Putkinen,
  8. "I have been wathcing rally in Ouninpohja many many times, I know well that kind of road profile and how fast you can drive into the corners and how long cars jump etc..." - Peltikoppa -

    My opinion is especially same that what peltikoppa says. Important things is how fast car can drive corners and how long car fly into air at jumps. All based road profile.
  9. Cambers and ditches are very important too and add a lot to the overall experience...
  10. Yes ditches and cambers is very important issue. I have tested to calculate "ditch values" same way, that i have calculate stage altitude changes. I have done some concept test with calculated ditches. That works well but something still be missing, i think. Here is the link, there is pictures and some information from test stage:

    I have done some device, how i can calculate cambers too. That cost is about 30€. That is builder´s level with spinning degree scale. Very simple but slow to use, but very sharp.

    We, me and mad mike have done some tests with BTB-project files packing. We manage to send project file by mail and that size is less than 1.5 Mb, sended folder only need to specific XPacks. That 1.5 Mb is very small when thinking co-operation projects.

    jay_p_666 where going your new computer, have you get it yet?
  11. I will get it possibly thursday or friday...can't wait, this pc will be a monster! :D
  12. altitude to virtual reality

    I have take weekend holiday to Finland capital, Helsinki. I had to came close to sea, collect inspiration and feeling, hearing different autumn winds. But still in my mind i hear pure WRC cars engine sounds, into specific Finnish forest roads. Next weekend i have planing to go at the stage, collect more data to altitude changes. Altitude changes drives stage lenght moving forwards.

    New volunteer track makers! Mostly welcome to project, if you have indrested this kind legendary road based projects. Self-motivated persons will be optimals, who can get their material into web and sended photograps. Example Ouninpohja track area map will be good material, because buildings base shape is visible onto map layer. Sketchup is good tool to make simple or advanced building models and file is .KMZ format, what have very small size.

    Let´s see how stage going forward, after next weekend.
  13. Team Simrac Finland

    I found some unique and rare footage in youtube:

    This is into Finnish rally (WRC Focus) simulator SimRac. Video shaking lot, but this is now realistic Ouninpohja track in the world. But we can do even better stage than simulator enterprise has done. That is the challenge to do better stage, but not impossible challenge.
  14. Hey guys! It's me (etisoppo). Just some info on the stage's progress. In fact there's little invloving the stage itself.

    I've been investigating textures. It's looking increasingly unlikely that the stage will comprise entirely of real textures. At least for the time being I will try to use Shepherds Shield textures since it, to me at least, has somewhat of a resemblance to the real thing. Sorry, but I can't promise real textures at this time.

    In a few weeks, from about 20/11, I will continue work on the project again. I'll probably focus on the houses around the start line. They look interesting and I reckon would be fun to do in 3ds max :)

  15. Actually, the UK vegetation doesn't really look that much like Finnish vegetation in Summer. Most of the trees are different. There are a lot of leafy trees in Finland, which you won't find in UK vegetation. Also the colour scheme is quite different - during Neste Rally Finland it's all green here in Finland, rally UK textures are quite brown, dirty, gray, and dark...

    I'm not only ranting, I also have a solution for you. ;) Kytt has released a nice vegetation xpack for BTB. It contains some trees that are typical for Finnish vegetation, you should look into it. You can probably use those models / textures even when working with 3dsmax. It'd make a huge step towards more realistic look, without that much effort, as you don't need to do all by yourself.

    I don't want to be too critical but I just wanted to give you an opinion and tip about the textures Kytt has already made. As he has released them in a xpack, I don't think it would be any problem for him if you used them. Drop him a msg.

    Your progress so far looks promising, keep up good work!

    Best regards from Jyväskylä, the hometown of Neste Rally Finland ;)

    P.s. madmike has used Kytt's textures combined with RBR UK textures in a quite succesful way to create a Finnish scenery for his stages (Tuomioja, Saksantie) Have a look!
  16. My vegetation xpack is free to use, you can also use textures in 3ds max. Model is simple 2 planes 90 degree crossing.
  17. Kytt's Xpacs trees should be great to Ouninpohja also, 'cos some of the trees are authentic Central Finland trees from near Jyväskylä. :)
  18. Hehehe, I know. I was thinking though that it was the closest there was. I'll check out Kytt's XPack. Thanks for the info and thanks for the permission Kytt!
  19. Ouninpohja project file

    I have uploaded Ouninpohja concept file in megaupload:
    It is freely downloadable because this project didn´t keep going, so hopeso it going advanced now.

    File is BTB-project file. You only need to extract and copy folder in BTB-projects files directory and add Xpacks (only Haywood Club is in use on this project file) in Xpacks folder, then it is ready to open and editable in BTB.

    Then you are the artist.
  20. GPS file

    This file works in BTB, when it imported by GPS file. Track lenght is abuot 12 KM. Roadline is correct, but altitude level changes is not good as possible.

    Attached Files: