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Other mods for rF Race Club?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Yann Laprevotte, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hey, I was wondering if there was any chance to try some other mods once in a while in the rF race club? Don't get me wrong, the current mods are nice enough, the Skodas and the TCM mods provide good racing, and I'm sure the GP2 are great fun although I never tested them(I'm never available on Sundays in fact).

    Nevertheless I'm up for a bit of variety once in a while, and I think the Club could be a good opportunity to try some rare mods you usually don't find online:)
  2. We tend to run some mods for a while always. GP2 just started to run, and Skoda's also. :)
    Main reason is because if we switch the mods to much every time. It will kill the rFactor racing club. It already happened ones. :)
  3. As Ivo says, GP2 is running fine at the minute, not looking at changing it for a while. Changing mods too often is huge downloads for people, they get anoyed with it.

    However I am always open to suggestions, for future changes.
  4. Future suggestion is slower open-wheel cars like the Formula 3 mods that are out there, Formula BMW, Formula Renault and so on....

    It's not that I hate the GP2 or previous open wheel mods that have been used but I do like to drive slower open wheel cars since when ever I race with them they tend to bring lots of close battles.
  5. PCC07/08 mod :D
  6. We also have got to factor in those people with bandwidth limits as well. Sometimes a new mod can be close to 1GB in size which can cause issues for these people. But like Lee says, we are always open to suggestions :)
  7. Hmm, yea, I see the problem. Of course it's annoying to download hundreds of Mo just for one or two races.

    But maybe we could for example held a race every 2 weeks for each mod used, instead of a weekly event for each as we have now? Then we could use 6 mods at a time.

    Just saying, not sure what is the optimal solution of course :)
  8. We have tried this before and we have always found it just destroys the consistency of the club.

    Hopefully Lee has some Friday events planned, so we should have an extra mod for you to play with then.

    Frankly, there are not enough hours in the day to play all the good rF mods :)
  9. I would like to be hosting the club events since they are always full of action and because the drivers voices are being heard (sometimes :p ).

    Anyhow I am really looking forward to Friday events since friday races on rF was something that was done a very long time ago.

    My suggestion is to take a Sport's car mod because we got Open Wheels, Touring and Scoda (lol, Scoda is a car type of it's own) so a 4th class would bring some variation which Yann was talking about. This is just a suggestion.

    The Caterham which I think was hosted on Friday's, was a great mod but it was quite hard to learn and to be quick with IMO so I wouldn't recommend it for a long time perioud used mod but it is still a fun mod to drive once you learn the car and brings some action from time to time.
  10. Starting next week hopefully :).
  11. Yeah i would like somethign else! Need some racing action, but all i seem to do is practice alone for the RDLMS haha....
  12. Need more racing! :)
  13. I just had an idea which I thought of sharing with you guys and see what you think about it.

    IS it possible for active rFactor Club drivers to put up a poll to vote what mod and what track to be used as an Special once a month even/ Special club racet?
    I know that this is going to need lots of organization and it is sure going to be unsure if it will be populair but that's why I post it here.