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OSW settings and dirt rally

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Carl Shaw, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    im looking for some help with my osw. i have it set up great on rfactor 2 and iracing but within dirt rally i cant even hold the rim without it breaking my wrists. could anyone help me with this issue please? im using MMOFFB2014 V0.91
  2. It's the same for me too...I have had to turn down the Max Force in "force settings" on MMos to 45% and it is still very strong but better, I may even turn it down more.
    It hasn't affected the feel of the ffb (that is still great) but overall strength has been reduced.

    I am interested in your setting for rFactor2 though,,,pm me please if you can with those as I can't get any ffb coming through my osw for that...do you have to change any files within the games main folder ?
    sorry for going off topic
  3. Hi Tony i have OSW and you have to change for rf2...Controller ..JSON.. steering effects strength# +1000 TO -1000.....hope this helps
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  4. Thanks...I'll have a look at it :)