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Sell OSW Reimer kit w/ AKM52G / 40K encoder

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Katsushika Matsumoto, Sep 25, 2016.


    What are you selling?

    I'm selling my Dennis Reimer plug & play Argon OSW kit bought a year ago (original invoice will be supplied) It's coupled with one of the best servo options available, the Kollmorgen AKM52G with the high 40K encoder option. This servo is capable of 21.5 Nm which is a lot and just above the small Mige with 20 Nm. To be more specific it's the Kollmorgen AKM type no. AKM52G-ANCNEJ00.

    It's in perfect working condition and not much to say about it.
    I had a a a lot of fun with it and tweaked it to my liking, it's feelsl so smooth but you probably already read/heard all the raving OSW/AKM stories on this forum or somewhere [​IMG]

    What's included?
    • OSW control box (Cooler master case)
    • AKM52G (AKM52G-ANCNEJ00)
    • Clamping set (Already installed for connecting steering wheel or QR).
    • Servo cables (Power & Encoder)
    • Emergency stop switch
    • USB cable
    • Direct UTP cable to connect to OSW kit
    • UTP 2 USB dongle to connect to OSW kit via Granity.

    Why are you selling?
    Some weeks ago I bought a Tomo SimuCUBE kit just because I was curious regarding the differences, I'm not gonna get in a big discussion here, there are other topics for this [​IMG] But I can't really feel them [​IMG][​IMG] Reason for selling this kit is because I'm thinking of upgrading to a different servo which may get SimuCUBE support, so taking a bit of a risk here[​IMG]

    I want to test it first!
    Of course I would too. If your in the neighborhood (Rotterdam area, The Netherlands) you are more then welcome to come check it out.

    Paypal (preferred), or direct money transfer.

    Price €1.950,00 excl. shipping.
    Price drop! €1.799,00 excl. shipping.

    If you have any questions or want some other pics let me know.

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    Last edited: Oct 6, 2016
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  2. Price dropped to €1.799,00
  3. *Sale pending*