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OSW from reimer-motorsports.de ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tony Winslade, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. I'm not sure this is the right place to post this thread but it is kind of about hardware.

    Has anyone dealt with reimer-motorsports.de and got one of there OSW systems or any hardware from them for that matter.
    I just want to know what their customer service is like and are they easy to deal with.

    I apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this....just really looking for some kind of feedback on them...their Website has been down for some time and has only just come back up in the last few days but it's still not fully working so it's hard for me to tell.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Looking into it mate, cheers AussieStig
  3. rocafella1978


    Dennis Reimer OSW stuff is all over iRacing forums, so should/ has to be a reliable and nice setup, since a lot of people own them, including the Joe Sullivan OSW. (all on iracing hardware, DIY and wheel forum)
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  4. Quas


    I got a Lenze kit from Dennis a few weeks ago, very happy with my purchase (page 134 in the rig thread). I did have some initial issues (no biggies, had to add a grounding wire in the end) and he was helpful with finding a solution but most importantly, after those morons at GLS banged up my package like a Chevy on a demolition derby and the servo arrived with it's steel housing broken, i did not have to go through all the hassle with GLS myself.
    Dennis instantly sent me a spare motor he had left and took care of the replacement process himself. Support seems top notch, from my point of view.

    @Peter Stokman is another happy Reimer-Motorsports customer here on RD.
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  5. Thanks
    I've exchanged a few emails with Dennis at Reimer Motorsports with just an initial enquiry about kits and shipping and he was very helpful and gave plenty of info.
    I definitely do not have any worries about them, infact I'm rather encouraged so far.

    I appreciate that you have given me some reassurance about Reimer Motorsports, my only query was only due to their website being down for a while and not being able to get a mental picture of their professionalism.

    Thanks again guys :)
  6. Dennis is a top guy, a friend of mine bought a system last year from him and he has not had any problems since.
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  7. rocafella1978


    does anyone have installation guide and step by step guide how to setup a Reimer system? i mean I don't even know what to install LOL