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Osella @ Crystal Palace Historic - Wednesday August 31st 2011

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Class: Osella PA-21S
    Track: Crystal Palace Historic (Download)
    Weather: Dry

    Practice start time: 19:00 GMT
    Qualification start time: 19:15 GMT
    Race start time: 19:30 GMT
    Race distance: sprint (13 laps) + feature race (26 laps)

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here
    Osella skin pack: Download, extract to your nkpro folder


    Results here
  2. Osella race on Paul Thomas' Crystal Palace.

    It's a short track, I think it suits the Osella nicely.
    My wheel is still MIA, managed to do about 1 minute laps with mouse and keyboard :D. You'll probably go significantly faster, let me know if the 13/26 laps look too short to you.

    If you have any skins you'd like to use, post them here, and I'll add them to the pack.
  3. grea track ,if a little fps heavy in parts. Should be good.
  4. Very fun track, still not easy to overtake!

    Count on me!
  5. Welcome back, hope you've had a nice holiday.

    I've driven this track in a GTL Ford Falcon, was quite fun. Shame I won't be able to race this one, been without a wheel for almost 3 weeks now. :mad:
  6. Thanks, holidays are always good.
  7. @ Daniel

    and anybody else having framerate problems. First copy and replace texture folder, if your still having bad frame rate then copy and replace kto


    Would love to race with you guys but Im on evenings next week. Have fun.
  8. Thanks Paul. It is playable now with the new kto file. I'm seeing a 90fps average with about 75 at the pits and Turn 2.
    The slowdown in t2 caused me to go into doom mode and have alook around. Between t1 and t2 there is a gap in the grass textures that seems to be on 2 levels.

    Also, with the standard kto I lose about20fps all over and t2 has a weird wavy line refresh type screen. Looks like an onboard from a F1 car when the lens is wiped in the rain.
  9. t2 has a weird wavy line refresh type screen.??? Screen shot.
    The above pic shows the 3 layers of grass which is how the original track was. (shouldn't be too noticeable from the track tho.)
  10. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    Hi I noticed Some confusion over the time last week is this starting at 19:00 british time as it is now or does summer time change that?
  11. Hi :welcome:

    19 GMT is pretty unambiguous, so there shouldn't really have been any confusion.
    Great Britain uses BST in the summer, which is GMT+1, so this starts at 20:00 British time.
  12. Server is up. Unfortunately, the track isn't listed on the rank website yet, so no rank tool this time.
  13. Whats up with those short tracks lately? Laps under minute:confused: I dont know what majority prefers but i am certanly bigger fan of longer laps. Spa track for example would suit osella much better, longer turns, few straights... On such small track even if u do faster corner exit u almost cant overtake because there is next turn that follows right after.

    Just my opinion. I will stay out as long as this goes on.
  14. It's a new track, a track I liked from GTL, so figured it would be a good one to use.

    The problem with longer tracks in nkpro is that the field gets too spread out, and some people tend to just quit. This way there's always someone close, and you're not just hotlapping.

    Will use a longer one next week.
  15. yeah, it's a cracking track. password is still on at the moment.

    Just done a race in the vintage at the Salzburgring...amazing. But not official track?
    If we use Spa at anytime can we use the 2001 version and not 2010 as it is stupidly grippy.
  16. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

  17. Fun first race was fun. Second race was strange for me; after a crash done by my self I had to pit, that went ok. Then after exiting the pit I saw the leaders behind and looked for a way to let them pass me - I did that by for some reason smashing the car into the wall. I hit ESC and missed the button pit - instead i hit the exit button lol. Thats me hehe
  18. Haha, i was wondering, where you went. :)
    For me it was half-good. First race i won start-finish, thanks to Kapal spinning in T1, in second one we were 3 guys in 1,5s and then for some reason someone was recovering from spin on backstraight, crossing the road right into my way. I tried to go from pits, but i was disgusted and decided to left.
    Anyway, hope to see you all again under better circumstances!
  19. Results here

    Vintage time next week. I'll try to find a longer track :tongue:
  20. got a screen freeze at the end of qualifying and had to hard reboot and missed race 1.
    race 2 and got stuck on a grass verge in the downhill and couldn't move...but managed to totally dirty my visor trying to get going.Then couldn't clear the screen - cap lock on- lol.
    sometimes I think this game is just F'''' with me.