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WIP OS Hażlach, 36 Barbórka cieszyńska

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Jakub Sulej, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. I started building rally stage which is really near my home (so it is easier to take pictures for textures):cool:

    There is still lot of work, for now I made street textures and made some bumpie places.
    I also hope that I will end the project in holidays, because I would have more time to build.
    Also there is still no objects, but it will be changed of course:redface:

    I'm trying to build it by eMeL method, so thanks guys for idea!

    There is video onboard from WIP track, so how it looks now


    I forgot the track based on google earth. Hight data included!:D


    New screens. I changed the texture of grass and of grass objects, for me it looks way better!
    Not far from now I will put a download link of this WIP track for RBR.

    Vegetation taken from Poland Xpack by martinez.

  2. wow this looks like it can rival the czech made stages in original rbr format for the quality and attention to detail of road surface shape and modelling, great job!

    If you are interested in having someone to help test the stage I would happily help out :)
  3. Thank you very much. I'm sure you will be first who drive on the stage:)
  4. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    +1 :D
  5. Your track looks very promising, thanks! Many junctions (good :) ) - did you make some special textures for them?
    Note: you asked for advices about hairpins and junctions - and I'm sorry for my lack of time! But I can see you are making them very well :)
  6. I saw one big texuture on Kormoran 2003 track used for 1st junction and it was main idea of mines. Most junctions are only texture, but driveliable junctions are continued by normal road.
  7. I see. The reason to make that texture was a visible fps loss right after the junction. Anyway, nothing happened (for better) after I did it ;) but the place looked much better afterwards and I can see the idea works on your track too.
    I watched the "real world video" and I think some objects form "Polish" xpack will fit to your track. If you need more - make some pictures of buildings, fences etc. and I can try to make more objects - I think the textures from the xpack have more potential to make new objects/upgrade the xpack :)
  8. Thanks, I was looking for electric transisions, but no one I found. It would be useful, very.
  9. I saw some in "smes xpack" but I think you need some other. Make some pictures and we can think of it.
  10. Ok, it will be great
  11. looks promising!
  12. Sorry, double post. :redface:
  13. New Pics posted on first page of this Thread!
  14. Nice :) I like the vegetation placement. How long your route is going to be?
  15. It is about 8 kilometers
  16. Great - can't wait to drive! :fwd:
  17. New video from WIP track added on firs page of this thread.
  18. It looks better and better. Especially junctions - perfect. Is the road so narrow in real world?
  19. Yes it is such narrow and damaged. I know that in the game it is harder to feel the car and the stage, but I wanted to make this track very common to the real.
  20. Yes very nice track, great job Jakub ;)