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OS Explorer

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nigel Atkins, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. i have been having this problem for some months now and it would happen every 2 days or so. but now it is happening more often and is starting to affect my online racing so its time to fix it.
    i tried googling the error but am getting lots of different fixes so am asking here :wink2:
  2. I get it when I click my downloads page and the files are on thumbnails. It just gives up and wen i close it the bottom start bar disapears is that what it is??
  3. what are the specs of your system? im running Vista Ultimate 64 with Quad Core and 4gb RAM and it runs as good if not better than XP ever did.
  4. my specs are fine, i have duel core and 4gb ram.

    it is totaly random, it manily does it when i`m browsing an open window but recently it does it when i`m playing racing games
  5. Try following one of them Nigel, sure it will help :good:
  6. the problem is which 1 lol, i dont want to make things worse :laugh2:
  7. You talking about the actual os explorer or internet explorer?
  8. os explorer
  9. Ok thought so.
  10. Nigel can you be a bit more specific? Can you make it crash/hang by doing a certain thing or is it totally random?
  11. i`m affraid its totaly random, i can be moving files around, watching an avi or playing GTL.

    my pc has been on all day today and i`ve moved files watched an avi and no probs at all today grrrrrrrrrrrr
  12. Hmmmm, have you tried defragging? Did you change your hard drive performance?-

  13. Try a manual defrag anyway :)
  14. Done any virus scans?

    CCleaner to?
  15. ran AVG on saturday and CCleaner today
  16. Suppose complete OS install is not an option?
  17. it`s always an option, but one i would rather avoid :wink2:
  18. I think I have the same problem as you nigel. Running a quad core on 3gb ram. And mine is random but as my first post said it did it alot on the downloads page. gona try that Hard drive thing on mine so thanks fot that dan :good:
  19. Have you tried doing a scan disk check?

    Right click the drive then properties; Second tab (tools) click "Check now" Then on Error checking tool (first). Select the first option i "automaticly fix system errors" If it ask you to do it on the next reboot, then do so.

    Might not fix it, but worth a try.

    I've only got experience with 32b Vista so never experienced this problem, so just throwing up idea's.

    It's more likely a problem with one of the Vista services that are running causing this problem.