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Original sky files in converted tracks!!!!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by mike27466, May 24, 2016.

  1. hi guys..is it possible to have GSCEX's sky files in converted tracks..Is it as easy as finding the sky files in the game and dropping them into the converted track's folder!..i tried to look for the sky files in the game but cannot find them?...is there a folder just for the skies and is it possible!...i think the sky in gscex are nice and would look nicer if you can get them to work in the converted tracks ...cheers!
  2. I assume you mena tracks in GSCE converted from rfactor? If you use the rfactor to GSC converter tool, it gives you the option of copying over these files
  3. Thx Barney68 for a quick reply!...i have converted some rfactor tracks over to gscex and the sky files for the rfactor converted tracks are very low graphics that's why i wanted to see if its possible to get the sky files from gscex onto the rfactor converted tracks!...if you load up an original track from gscex game you will see the sky graphics and they seem alot better in graphics!..so is this posible to maybe copy and paste these files from the game into the converted tracks....? cheers
  4. np!...thx for update! it gives me a starting place!..i owe you a beer!;)