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Organised race for newbs (PC)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Deane Cockerill, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Note to mod, I'm posting here as I cant post in the other section & I'm just gauging interest

    Taken from the front page of this site,

    ... we (also) offer casual online racing almost every night of the week in our Racing Clubs. We cater to owners of any racing game and all skill levels are welcome.

    Right I'm pretty new to this, & as a result I'm not much good. The only track I can realistically get around with no driving aids is Montreal. But I often get that wrong eg missing my braking point at turn 1 on a regular basis & sometimes (far to often) completely missing the chicanes beacuse I forget where I am on track... accidental pitting anyone???
    While I would like to be a clean racer, I am going to make mistakes. Also for most of the other tracks I am going to want the racing line on as well.

    I currently do my races using auto-gears auto-pit-control & auto-pit-box. I try to learn the track so that I can turn off the racing line, but it's not always practical. I am so rubbish at Monaco I have to have all the aids turned on including auto brakes.

    Every race currently on offer at the time of posting, the combination of driving aids allowed (or rather NOT) basically means I cannot join any of them.

    Now I would love to do an online race against a whole bunch of people, but having tried going online through the game there never seems to be anyone around, the most I've managed to get is 2 other people, so obviously the way to go is an organised race.

    Even if the powers-that-be here do offer a race with all assists allowed (which I have seen done), I get the impression that they are all pretty good racers. So they would probably be going around Montreal getting times of 1 min 10, while I pootle around putting in times of 1 min 25 or more... While I'm happy to come last, I would like to try & compete against people similar to my own skill level, & at the same time I dont want to spoil the races of the big boys... It all seems pretty intimidating.

    As a result, I would like to know if there is any interest in doing a race (or better yet a Championship) with all assists allowed, for those of us who arent that good.

    All assist to be allowed, any camera view allowed. I would like to have full collisions on & full damage on (but any settings up for discussion). I'm thinking 40% race with qualifying. Platform PC

    Initially at Montreal, or if there is enough interest, or depending on how it goes, a whole championship season. & just for the people that arent that good, maybe low online ranking.
  2. Ssscrudddy

    just come play on the sunday racer, we have all levels and trust me you wont finish last, Either myself or steve butler normaly take that spot,,,,no offence steve but you seem to be having a mare reciently.

    There are 3 -4 very fast cars on the track, bortz, freddy, Jan, Hermcderp, and a few more then you have the rest of the pack which we normaly prefer to race in the kitty little without front wings as they just get in the way. I myself prefer to drive sideways and backwards whilst devilsixpence like the grass and those shinny hard thing at the side of the track.

    I think JAN still uses Auto Gears, and i have just started using the manual pit limiter, ( stay away from the Force india it has a squirrel Bug in the engine )

    Racing with people that are much higher shouldnt put you off, and hell we all are pretty sane when it comes to moving over and the fast boys dont mind waiting for the right move as they dont want us to lose places or interupt our own races at the back,,, WELL i caught devil last night and moved over and lost sight of him, but he span out a few corner later to it worked out well. Sign up for the Liscense first as you cant race without it, and we will see you on the sunday racer, but be quick as places go fast, and join other races no matter what the skill, i do and they best i have finished is 6th so far.
  3. Well I'll give it a go if my application gets proccessed in time, theres 21 waiting from over the weekend. Also at Silverstone I'm still 5 seconds slower than Lucas Di Grassi on AI amateur, & that's my best time... At least I dont need the line there.

    I suppose I should try the pit box thing seeing as I've always had them both on auto.
  4. Best way to practice is in a GP, set it to 50%, i practice with enough fuel to get me 50 of the race a its a good indication on weight of the car. TT is ok to get used to the turns ect, but its 100% grip, i put a friends ghoast on to see what lines they are taking ect.

    Silverstone is a fast track and you need to be brave, im around 5 seconds behind the closest friend. Practice practice practice, dont worry about the pit limiter too much , and the pit box is just so you can manualy call the pits instead of the bloke from Newcastle saying ''alreet gan into box mate, howaway''
  5. Haha not that well seeing I was +1 lap and you were +2 - but it is true, I love to nibble Armco, play in the sand, and grass, ooooooohhh grass. I chuffin' love grass!! :D

    I think we get so many racers now, that even the sunday racer is getting very competitive (quite competitive to even get a spot!) so maybe there is a place for guys who want organised newbie races but I dont know how you would categorise a 'newbie' - you cant take the online ranking as an indication of skill, just how long you have spent playing.
  6. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Well your licenced now, theres no harm in setting up a 2nd set of races even at the same time, as someone mentioned spaces go really fast these days and we typically have had up to 4 reserves waiting to see if they get a spot.

    If you were to set up your own ones, if it was at a different time to the existing ones it would be sad not to be able to drive with you and other players as you learn more by trying to keep up with a faster car than you do a slower one.
  7. You are most welcome to join our races and Sunday Racer event will always allow all assists, but, as said above, the spots go fast so check the site for next Sundays race, I will put it up tonight but the race will probably take place a few hours later than usual due to the normal 13:00 GMT time being taken.

    I am still using autogears but nothing else, so when i'm hosting something online (not RD races), I usually dont allow TC or ABS but just give me a shout on GFWL and we can work something out. :)
  8. I'd be interested in a Sunday race, the assists I use are racing line and auto gears. I'd like to go to manual but I find it awkward on a joypad. With some practice I could probably turn off the racing line, hopefully...
  9. Well I put my name down for the Silverstone one, I didnt realse it wasn't the Sunday racer event. Looks like I'll be doing Silverstone all week. Just finished 50% race in the wet, amateur AI, 21st place 2 laps down. Crashed twice (into a wall), using the same settings as on the Silverstone event.
  10. Its just about a lot practice mate. Also, the other thing that comes into play after practice and knowing the track - is being able to maintain your concentration throughout the race!
  11. Hey Chris don't try to steal my glory........ I'll quote Steve..." c'mon Tracy with you in the race at least I won't finish last ".........took me a lot of practice to accomplish this so please don't take that away from me ....lol...........Ssscrudy I play with assists also, I just suck, but who knows as I try to learn no assists maybe someday I will beat Steve !...
  12. 24 Days ago, i had most of my assists on, infact i had them all on incept for the Racing Line, within a week i learnt how to master the car with no traction control or ABS.

    within 2 days iv'e almost mastered the pit stuff, im now onto my 4th day with manual gears and it's going well, alot more work to do, but hell you are alot quicker.

    unfortunatly it will be very hard for you to do this with a joypad i think, as there is no feel there, having a wheel and peddles helps your gaming experience dramatically.

    feel free to sign up for any race you wish, skill level does not matter to any of us, hell im mostly last and crashing, im known for taking my wheels off :)

    We just ask for people to race nicely and be considerate of other drivers, if i knock you off by accident, i'll wait in a safe place for you to pass and get your position back :).
  13. Lol, the thing is there is a definate set of 2 groups, the crashers and the racers.

    Yes yes yes you do tend to drive with your wheels bouncing down the track, but tend to catch someone and then blow it by stamping on my peddles, i did that at Melbourne on Sunday night. So fecking hard i pushed them so far under my desk i was sluched for the rest of the race like a 16yr old kit with his first Holden.

    It would be great to see possibly 2 races at the same time and then the first 6 out of each race go through to a final, or is that getting to much.

    Im gonna miss F1, but im hatching a plan to get my company to Airfrieght my Rig and G27 over, ill mark the boxes as important work stuff. Besides im setting up the company over there so i recon i need some home comforts whilst i wait for my house contents to arrive.

    @Scott, I too have made the switch over a month ago, and couldnt drive with them on now, as for the pit limiter my first attempt with that off was Sunday and i was given the Force India and it bugged so i was stuck doing 14kph out of the pits and lost quite a few spots, not that it mattered.
  14. I agree with Chris and Tracy, the back of the pack is a far more interesting place than the front :D As always it will be good to see a new face around the paddock!
  15. Well as long as you're friendlier than the AI cars... Red Bulls trying to take me out (as it seems every1 else was also trying to do)

    After 4 hours of practise I knocked 5 seconds off my time & was no longer coming last. So I bumped up the AI settings to Intermediate & tried again. By lap 6 I was lapped, by lap 7 every1 had lapped me (I had drank 4 pints tho & couldnt stay on the track), & most of them hit me as they went past.
  16. Dont you hate that, reminds me of Sundays with Kaos and steve butler :tongue:

    well ive been practicing Germany and finaly put a decient lap in, now to try it in the wet and then a Gp.

    F1_2010_game 2011-03-01 16-46-06-38.jpg
  17. I see that it's my turn to chase your ghost car now...:cool::honk:
  18. Or you could both chase mine... :D :D
  19. Hehe, good idea Paul, I'm going for you both....:D
  20. right game on !!!!!