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Tracks Oran Park v0.50

My first conversion for Assetto Corsa

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  1. This track was already converted, why doing it again? it will only cause confusion an caos online if people with diferent files join same server
  2. I have converted this track(
  3. Guys, there is no rule of monopoly on track conversions. Michael is free to distinguish his work through additions or updates for this track.
    Why worry about competition, if you feel proud of your own work in the first place?
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  4. Honestly, I didn't even know it had already been done....I hope that mine is smoother and as I learn more I will try to add 3D grass and such.
  5. Sry maybe i did not express correctly, it is not about competition o rmonopoly, it's to avoid having same map twice but probably different 3d coordinates, that then people will join the same server with same track but different map
  6. Then either Michael and spec7878 can share their track maps or users could simply install both versions to be safe. The file is small and install takes 10 seconds.
  7. I thought Monza was the only track people used online. :D:whistling:

    I will update in the next few days and when I do I will add version number or something so that the two tracks don't have the same file name.
  8. awesome job mate. i grew up in narellan and this track has a lot of memories (especially the power sliding super trucks) if this is different to the previous oran park it is much much smoother. cant wait for more updates :)
  9. that could do the trick Michael
  10. If somebody wants to make replay cams I would appreciate it.
  11. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    If possible, please credit the creator of this track.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2014
  12. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

  13. Do I need to credit the person that converted this track from codemasters to rfactor or the guy that converted it from rfactor to netkar? I was given the track and told I had the green light to convert. I have no idea what the real name of the alias I was given is but if this is that big of a problem for you then just delete the damn thing...

    Considering that every track and skin on here violates any number of copyright laws it is amazing how many 'mod police' there are....so please, I'm not jumping through your imaginary hoops and hunting down every person whose hands have been on this track...delete it and don't expect any more of my work to be shared here.
  14. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Well firstly, I'm glad you got permission to convert this in the first place.
    Just credit the person who gave you permission (or "green light") to convert the track.
    It doesn't matter if you don't know his actual name, whatever his alias name is, will do just fine.

    I.e. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/laguna-seca.2220/

    That's all you need.
    Not crediting it is akin to paraphrasing sections from a journal article, and then not referencing them.

    No need to drop your things and leave just because you got asked to credit something.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2014
  15. Actually, I will have to get in touch with the guy that sent me the track data and find out from him what alias to credit...however, I am in no hurry to do any of that since I have about a dozen different projects that I am currently working on....I have no idea why the identity of whoever ripped the track originally is so important to you that you demand that I must provide an alias but I have decided that I don't care for the attitude and I no longer care if it is shared here or not.
  16. I've been driving the stock tracks and the modded tracks for a few weeks and I find that this track is alot slipperier (spell check where are you??) than the other tracks I've tried. Is this a bug or is the real track that this is modelled after like this.

    Are other people having this issue?
    Really beautiful conversion by the way.
  17. The track grip is set at 98%..this is right in line with the original tracks and most of the add on tracks as well....are you sure you didn't have the track grip level set to anything other than 'optimum'?

    I am glad you are enjoying it though, thanks for the feedback...I have been busy working on other projects but I do intent to come back and update this track with the new things I have learned soon.
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  18. I'll have look to see if i'm doing something wrong. Keep up the good work.
  19. You probably already know about this but just in case.....you can adjust the starting grip levels of tracks now:
  20. I'd really like to use this track online (eg host a server using it). But I am reluctant to use it with the lack of Spectator cameras. Higher Res/ Improved track texture would be really great too. I know your busy, but just a bit of extra time on this and it would be really great, it's like 90% there!

    Atm we have two versions of this track both unfinished! :)

    Thanks for the Conversion, hope you can give it a bit more attention soon!