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Opportunity to help create a track that can be built!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by pvabezerra, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. pvabezerra


    Hi Guys,

    First things first, my english is not that good, so I'm sorry if I misspell something.
    I'm from Natal, Brazil. Right now I just finished my graduation in architecture, and my final project was a racetrack for the region where I live.
    I've tried to model it for gmotor2, and specifically for GSC, to show it was a feasible project, but the time ran out a I ended up just doing some 3dsmax renders of it.

    Now i've encountered some people who can maybe push the right buttons and talk to the right guys to make this track come alive.

    So, with the right help, we could create the track on Game Stock Car, wich is ideal to simulate the brazilian categories that could race on this circuit.

    I already have some experience with 3ds max, and I think with some help we could make this thing come alive, and help motorsport grow a lot in this particular region.

    If it interests anyone, tell me here, at the forums, or via pvabzerra@hotmail.com

    Thanks, guys!

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  2. pvabezerra


    C'mon, guys, I know that there's someone out there who could really help this thing happen...

    I've already contacted my regional kart association and they're also needing a project like this...

    If you have a little time to help me out here, there is a great possibility of accomplishment, and the tracks could really be built.

    Motorsport is dying where I live, and this, ambitious as it is, could help save it. And it could also become a temporary job, if it all works out ok.

    As I said before, I already have good modelling skills in max; it will be something like coaching...

    Anyway, thanks for the attention!

    I'll check back here as soon as I can, as well as the email pvabzerra@hotmail.com
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