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open WIP BTB database

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by KieferDJW, May 17, 2012.

  1. Do you have sometimes a good idea for a new, exciting layout or modification of an existing track?
    But you don't have enough time or ressources to realize your dream?
    What about a open database where trackbuilder from all over the world could get half-finished tracks working?
    For all btb-supported games, e.g. rFactor, GTR 2, RaceOn, RBR and many more
    Import/export of btb-projects is really easy, all you need is the whole project-folder (including the xpacks).
    Ok, the huge number of big xpacks would blow up the filesize...
    But I guess you'd need only "special" xpacks, because nearly everyone has the most uploaded xpacks already installed.

    + there won't work builders on the same track at the same time
    + we won't get 10th times the same times from different user
    + no more competition between the different games ("why does the track isn't available for xxx?")

    So, what do you think about?
  2. thanks for the info Raido!