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Open GT Championship - General Discussion

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Davy Lauwereys, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you guys know that lSd Racing is making preperation to kick of a new GTR2 series on the forums here.
    With about 2 years experience of hosting GTR2 leagues with custom build Balance of Performances, we are working on bringing you the Open GT championship on sunday evenings.
    The series will consist of various vanilla cars from the NGT, G3 and G2 classes, all tweaked to bring them all on a similar performing level and bring close racing!
    Teams will be able field 2 entries for the fight for the championship as well as a team championship.
    Raceformat wise we are looking at a minimum of 1 1hour race or longer.

    If you are interested in taking part in this series, let us know via this topic!
  2. Car that have entered first balance of performance tests:
    -996 RS
    -996 RSR
    -360 GTC
    -TvR 400
    -M3 GTR
    -Viper CC
  3. sounds cool good to see gtr2 being used again would defo be intreasted in fielding a team in this for sure
  4. i'm in
  5. Excellent :)

    We have a simsync license, so for those having used that program for other series here, it should all feel very familiar :)
    For the past two years we have been promoting competitive gentleman racing through our leagues, trying to bring the friendly privateer spirit we love so much in endurance GT racing to our little simworld. And now we hope to continue that further here, were, after our experiences during 2 seasons of RDLMS, we are certain that sort of pilot is to be found here.
    So we will expect our contending teams to race hard, but clean... and smart aswell, since we will be looking at 1 hour or longer endurance races.

    We are looking at an initial 8 round championship, with a maximum of 24 drivers, as said 2 drivers will be able to form a team to contend for the Team championship aswell, but they will need to drive identical cars to team up.
    custom liveries will be allowed, but the car choosen must be used the entire season.
    3 tire manufacterers will offer racetires for the season, those beeing Michelin, Dunlop and Pirelli, and each team will be able choose it's brand for the season.

    I hope to have a download ready by the weekend, so people can start trying out cars.
    Maybe we can even have a test event this sunday, but no promises on that just yet as i may not be home, but if not, we will certainly try to set something up for the week after that.
  6. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger
    Premium Member

    hello Davy,

    is this league here in RD??
    i am interested, but i do nothing read about on what day the races are and what time they do start.
    other question is, can i drive this series without teamdriver? i do not know RD GTR2 drivers here and i think nobody do know me for make a team.
    normaly i am clean and fair driver.
    if raceday is good for me, i will do this series.

  7. I am very interested of this league, also wanna know what time the races will start at?
  8. Hey guys, yes this will be here on the forums, racing will take place on sunday evenings, exact timings are to early to tell, but we will be shooting to have the events take place between 18.00 and 22.30 GMT+1 , practice, qauly, warmup and race.
    sure team with 1 entry are equally welcome, however they will have a hamdicap for the team title since both cars will be able to score points towards that championship.
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  9. i,ll be happy to team up with you reinhard,
  10. hi , sign me up pleasse;)
  11. well, my internet went down for 2 days, so i haven't been able to reply much, but i have been able focus on the physics and balancing of the cars, and i think we are getting close.
    I'm also making sure that each carmodel has correct tyrewall markings for use with the tirebrand choosen.
    Also done abit of updating, the Mosler and Viper CC were updated earlier for use in other mods, and we will be using these versions here aswell, and today i also created a second wing option for the morgan, as was found on the later GT3 versions.
  12. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger
    Premium Member

    hi neil,

    i am not sure if i can make this series, but it do not loock good.
    i do drive actual biweekly sunday night in UKGTR and this series is 5 races to go (9-10 weeks).
    so i must see when this series starts and if league start early, then i must see if races do make conflict with UKGTR league.

    so i do actual not know if i can drive this series.

  13. 1 hour isn't an enduro!! But I have massive experience in GTR2, and I'd jump out of my skin to get a chance to drive the game again!
  14. Ghovand Keanie

    Ghovand Keanie
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    if this Champ is going on i will be in this Championship For Sure!
  15. Looks like time to install GTR2 again.
  16. hey guys, sorry i was out for the easter weekend :)
    good to see more support :)

    Mitchell, i aggree, a 1 hour race is a sprint race not enduro :) but the last place we organised our races didn't really have an endurance crowd, so we compremised on a two race format per raceweekend, 1x 25 minute sprint race (wich doubled as qauly pos for race2) and 1x 50 minute "Endurance" ...

    Anyways, formats have not been officially decided, i'm hoping to get everything more or less set up on the forums this week, and we will have some discussion about a possible raceformat.
  17. heres a small screen of one of the small graphical updates, the wing we did for the GT3 spec viper, but looking at the pics of the GT3 morgan it looked perfect for use on the morgan :)

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  18. Thats sexy.

    This is my suggestion: GTR2 is built for enduro racing, it has endurance features in and we should use them. I raced in a league where we had one race a month, a 2 hour race with 1 hour qually, the fact that the race was decently sized meant there was plenty of action, 1 month periods meant there was time to practice, and everytime a new racetrack came around, the racing was fresh.

    I would also suggest flying all over the world. Tracks like Spa, Silverstone, Le Mans, Hockenheim/Nurburgring, Adelaide/Melbourne, Monza, Imola, tracks that people really admire all over the world, (obviously I'd say Bathurst but that doesnt have a licence here and im pretty sure RD supported leagues must have legal tracks). Plus many others. Imagine 2 hour day/night race at Le Man, sends chills down my spine. Anyway, I reckon thats how you'd draw a crowd, Race 07 is for the sprint crowd, GTR2 is for the majestic enduros.

    This is really exciting, its honestly been years since I've been this excited about sim racing, I keep checking back every few hours just to see what other people are thinking.

    Anyway, it would be nice to see a potential car list, and is it too early for a sign up thead?

    Also is it just you, or who else is supporting this league?

    P.S. As all things go, the same with the sign up thread question; it would not be too early to begin offically assembling teams. Just, I think in my opinion, if the administration is getting ready on their end, the drivers should organise and get ready on their end too.
  19. Hey Mitchell, good to see drivers getting exited ;)

    This league will be run entirely by lSd Racing, so atm, it's a 2 man job, RD will kindly offer the forums and news :)
    Alas, we are bound to some restrictions on what we can use here, so we cannot used our own inhouse tried and tested mods, however that can't spoil the fun as GTR2 has some nice models, and physics are easily edited ;)

    A carlist can be found in post 2, allthough obviously that doesn't say much when thinking og vanilla performance.
    The Morgan for example, has been given an lSd Racng overhaul, it now sports a tweaked Jaguar 5litre V8 engine (we made for a GT2 spec XKR for one of our mods) and gearbox, uprated suspension and aero package. It's still a tricky car as is the stock car, but in testing around spa (2004 layout) it was consistantly running mid 2.24s, even dipping into a high 2.23.9 on a high downforce setup. Wich is promising in this phase of BOP

    As far as tracks go, we have always aimed at featuring iconic tracks in our leagues to offer a varied championship, however we will have to look into what available for s to use. From what i understand though, it should be possible to use the Zolder track, wich has traditionally been our season ender in all the series we have ran so far.

    As for formats, like i said, i'm in favor of longer then 1 hour races, but we will see what discussion over it will bring.
    One thing to note, is that next to our 2 race format we ran, we had a few 250KM events in between as a compremise for those who enjoyed endurance, wich might be an option. but more on that later
  20. Would love to run in this league, but sadly most evenings especially Sunday are out of the question for me :(.

    I start work at 21:00GMT on Sunday evening, but I hope you'll get some media coverage here, so I can watch how the season unfolds;).