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Opalas are back

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by TurcoMaldade_, Aug 18, 2015.

  1. TurcoMaldade_

    Premium Member

    This is the press release that we received today about the Old Stock Car the new series that will use the old Opalas.

    The translation was the best i could do.


    Paulo Gomes, one of the new series organizer and former stock car champion, will be in Interlagos for the first test of the Old Stock Car and expects the presence of some former contestants of the touring championship, as Alencar Jr., Chico Serra, Angelo Giombelli, George " the Greek" Lemonias, Raul Boesel, Fabio Sotto Mayor, Djalma Fogaça, Zeca Giaffone, Xandy Negrao, Arthur Bragantini, Carlos Alves and Ingo Hoffmann.

    "This will not only be a competitive series with updated technology in retro looked car, the Old Stock Race will have the traditional fellowship climate of the Brazilian automotive community. Those who has not seen will want to see it now. And those who has ever seen, will want to remember those amazing days," says the driver and artist Paul Soláriz, one of the creators of the event alongside with drivers like Paulo Gomes and George "the Greek "Lemonias.

    More than 20 cars are being built with the same aspirated 4.100 engine, with a six-cylinder block and 300hp of the Opala, a model used in 1979, the first year of the brazilian Stock Car Series. The aesthetic and historical value will be maintained, but with the technical and safety modifications necessary to the present day.

    The car has brake disc on all four wheels developed specifically for the series by Sigma Sport Car. The shifter is the same used in the Chevy S-10 pick-ups, with five-speed, limited slip differential and radial tires. The body mounted on monobloc will receive fiberglass parts in doors, hood and rear, retaining the look of old opals.

    Paulo Gomes (known as "Paulão" - Big Paul) and Soláriz said that they're being contacted by several drivers. "The Old Stock Race will be a great Brazilian motorsport festival with the participation of various Opala Clubs that we have in the country," recalls Paulo Gomes, who has also worked in promoting the event with various partnerships.

    Each car can have up to two drivers. According to Soláriz, many drivers are interested for one reason: "The Old Stock Race was created to rescue the true spirit of racing, the competitor makes all the difference," he says. "We invite all friends drivers, Opalas enthusiasts and journalists to know the cars and fall in love with the roar of engines identical to what we had 30 years ago".
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  2. it would be awesome to add these to the game. Call it "Opala 15" like the opala 86.
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  3. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    I'm not sure if the engine, etc. will be different enough. They might make good skinpack material, though! Hopefully that might inspire some modders.
  4. What a fantastic idea (referring to the real life series). I love the retro idea in light of the modern experience of super high downforce and incredibly advanced engineering.
  5. It appears to be more different from the 86 opala than the 86 is to the 80. It is a 5 speed with 300 horsepower. the 86 was a 4 speed with 268 horsepower and less chassis rigidity so the 15 should stomp all over the 86.