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Opala Stock Car Leagues?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by still_guns, May 29, 2016.

  1. Just a quick question really, will we see any RD hosted Opala stock car leagues? I find it an enjoyable vehicle to drive, but no-one ever seems to be driving it online.
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  2. xnorb


    Opalas and Vees are 2 gems that definitely need more time in the spotlight.
    But sadly those cars are not too popular, guess because they need some time to get uaed to?
  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    you can add the Camaro to the list of cars that are not use :(
  4. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Those cars are actually enjoyed a lot by the staff as well, however the past has shown on many occasions the cars simply don't attract people, people don't usually try them out so they don't know what they are missing. Of course there will be a time we will try to get them in the spotlight again, but I can't say when.

    A ye, side note, we had a pretty amazing league before in those Vees, I am quite sure there will be a follow up at some point on those.
  5. I love the 86 opala :D
    Its all i drive pretty much...
    The racing is so close and bumper to bumper ... i dig it :)
  6. BattleOvce


    I like this car as well so its a shame that they are not popular. I love the sideways drifty situations during race :D. But not many people can handle it.
    I can create a league on this series but.. I am facing a big problem (maybe most of us). The situation looks like this: I make a league, have like 16 sign ups, and when the actual league start, only half or less of the field join. You can contact them individualy but it doesnt help most of the time. so the situation from my view in ams is pretty bad :(
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  7. xnorb


    Lets see what we will be able to pull off once Reiza launch their website with league features.
  8. BattleOvce


    I hope that the reiza's system help the community. I am so jelous when I see brazilian club's videos of their events. they have so large grids 20+ drivers. Thats insane :). I started V10 league, with real liveries and real tracks like in 2002 F1 season, as I said I had 16 sign ups but in final we are driving 7. One of us have problems with wheel (game not reginize it) so we are 6 now. But we are having fun... but it is really shame anyway... I hope that I am not the only one who having this troubles. I am trying to be really serious about the league racing. I am giving complete informations, everything is imo tip top organized, starting races on time, keep eye on rules, communicate with drivers on forum and individualy on steam, advertising where I can but I dont see any progression to better times. Is it because EU doesnt have such a big player base as Brazil has? Sorry that I am crying here :D I wanted to write it. Thank you for reading. :inlove:
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  9. I was the guy with wheel trouble :(
    Got a new wheel now though, works much better
  10. BattleOvce


    yes of course I remeber you, but you have issues before whole league. we have another one who is having issues with wheel. :) :(