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Online XP Level Requirements

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Justin Lindsay, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I have seen a few people ask about the online advancement requirements, so here is what I've found so far.

    For starters please note that this is a work in progress. I have also been up for way to long while I sit here and type this, so I'll have to get back to it when my eyes aren't burning craters into my temporal lobe.

    Also note that I have excluded some levels. This is due to the fact that I had already reached that particular level and did not feel the need to figure out what XP was needed for a level I had already achieved. It is fair to say that the XP required for level 10 comes fairly soon. The gap between 10th and 25th however, requires a bit more patience.


    Now what some people are asking is "how much XP do I get for a race?" While this should be pretty straight forward, it is not. Apparently Codemasters has decided to let us firgure it out on our own. Or perhaps they don't even know. I don't know too much either, but I can tell you that from what I've seen, the following conditions affect the amount of XP you can win for any given game mode:

    • Game Mode (Sprint, Endurance, Pole Position, Grand Prix)
    • Your current online level.
    • Your opponent's current online level.
    • Number of players in the lobby that participate.
    • Use of driving assists.
    • Weather (If applicable)
    • Penalties from contact or illegal/unsportsmanlike driving.
    • Your finishing position.
    • Your finish in comparison to those ranked higher than you before the match started.
    • Fastest Lap-Time.

    Now how much each one of those items affects the XP awarded is beyond me. Here's a few scenarios that will tell you what XP was awarded. (Auto brake is always turned off.)

    • Endurance
    • All Assists On
    • 10 Racers
    • Level 22 at start of race
    • Opponents average level is 28.5
    • Dynamic Weather (Moderate/Heavy Rain)
    • Finished 5th
    • No driving penalties.
    • 1,050 XP Awarded

    • Sprint
    • All Assists On
    • 6 Racers.
    • Level 22 at start of race
    • Opponents average level is 23.8
    • Finished 2nd
    • No driving penalties.
    • 1,350 XP Awarded

    • Sprint
    • No Driving Line,Medium TCS, ABS On
    • 11 Racers
    • Level 22 at start of race
    • Opponents average level is 25.1
    • Finished 9th
    • No driving penalties.
    • 450 XP Awarded

    • Sprint
    • No Driving Line,Medium TCS, ABS On
    • 11 Racers
    • Level 22 at start of race
    • Opponents average level is 25.1
    • Finished 10th
    • No driving penalties.
    • 350 XP Awarded

    • Endurance
    • No Driving Line,Full TCS, ABS On
    • 2 Racers
    • Level 24 at start of race
    • Opponent's level is 22
    • Finished 1st
    • No driving penalties.
    • 650 XP Awarded

    I'll try to get some more information and post it. Hope this helps someone somewhere.
  2. Terrific work. That all seems in accordance with what I have observed too.

    I'm currently at level 32. I was wondering why the last few levels had seemed to take a bit longer, it is now at 20,000 XP point intervals.

    I have noticed that beating people higher ranked than you seems to make the most significant difference.
  3. A quick update. If you take 2nd place in a Quick Match Sprint Race with assists turned on, then you should recieve 1,800XP. Give me a bit and I'll tell you what 1st & 3rd award. I did not back out of the lobby after consecutive wins & on the third race I took 3rd, so unfortunately simple division won't give me the tally; the 3rd place XP award is totaled in the sum as well. It appears to be in the neighborhood of 2,500XP though.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Thanks for posting this :doublethumb:
  5. I'm also hearing from some of the guys I play with that if you get so much as a warning for causing a collision, you will not receive any experience points (XP), regardless of your race finish - even if you end up coming in first position. I have not tested this out yet but I'll throw it out there if anyone can support or refute this claim.
  6. Nice work.. just wondering though where you were able to find out such specific amounts that were awarded for your efforts in those races.

  7. To which "specifics" are you referring exactly? If it is how much XP was gained for a given race, it was easy; I recorded my XP tally before entering a room, whereupon I recorded the number of competitors, their rank and which driving assists I had on for that race. After the race I then left the game lobby and reviewed my amended my XP total. Simple subtraction gives me the total XP credit earned for a particular race. By cataloging more and more races I am able to get a better understanding of what conditions [may] have an effect on the maximum XP win-potential of a given race.

    (By the way, nice avatar. From the looks of it I would say with a fair amount of confidence that it is Emirates' 777-300ER Boeing.)
  8. Ahhh.. I've just found where to find one's total XP. Yes, seems rather simple now that I've found that. Cheers

    Yep, you're bang on with the plane being a 777. Plane spotter or pilot?
  9. Neither actually. You?
  10. Neither - Flight Attendant (straight though..lol)

    Seems odd that you aren't awarded significantly more XP for an endurance race than for a Sprint race
  11. Yeah, it is messed up. I'm interested in the XP only for the achievement of level 50. I generally stick to custom grand prix races with players I know are going to be legit/sim racers.

    In regards to the FA gig; gay is not the first thing that comes to mind when I hear of a male flight attendant. (Well, maybe the second.) But if you're an FA for Emirates then congrats. I actually applied for a job with Emirates but never heard anything back from them. (I was offered a job working for Continental Airlines when I was still in college (2002), but my parents pretty much slammed that door in my face as taking it would involve me taking a break from my studies so I could go through training at EWR, MIA or IAH; which are not-so-conveniently located; 623mi, 1,132mi & 1,045 mi respectively.)
  12. I forgot to add that I've heard the world about Emirates. (Hence the "congrats".) I speak English and Spanish fluently - my dad is from Madrid - and I'm communicable in German and Portuguese, but I'd venture to say that Arabic and/or Farsi would be a much greater help.
  13. Arabic is good to know, but not even close to being necessary to live here.. can help in situations though of course. Awesome that you know all those languages.. English is all I have.. and I struggle at that sometimes :)

    Shame that your parents wouldn't let you do what you wanted (at the time), obviously had your best interests at heart.. I'm sure it's all worked out for the best. It's fun, but sure has its gripes.

    Cant do it forever
  14. Yeah, the airline industry isn't what it once was. (In the U.S. at least. It all started with deregulation & 9/11 didn't help the industry.) Didn't do much better majoring in German History considering that I make a living playing cards these days. (Digressing...)
  15. I realise this is digging up an old thread but what makes your rankings change after you hit level 50? When I hit level 50 i was in the 1200's, had a look today and suddenly in the 1700's and a friend of mine who hasn't even played since he hit 50 has move from the 1300's up to 500's lol, I'm clueless.
  16. Being disqualified from a race will make your rank drop.