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Online versus offline

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by jimortality, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. jimortality


    Ok, I'm not going to harp on about how I think that people with internet and only play offline are possibly socially inadequate and need to attend the Jim school of sociology but seriously!! I really don't get it. I'm on a mission to get the offline only's (Made up word) to stop being socially inadequate and get their arses online. How can you not enjoy taking part with other humans????? The buzz when you're on the starting grid and everyone has said all the gla (Good luck all crap even though they don't really mean it lol) It's a no brainer and I'm coming to hunt you down. A new update yesterday follows a zillion posts by people that obviously play the game a lot and maybe you're all busy in your league racing but I want to see you in our club races Monday, Wednesday, some Friday's and Saturday's so stop hiding behind the easy to beat AI and come and play with me!!!!!!!!!! It will not only improve your racing so you'll finally be able to beat the AI on easy but you learn setups, how to communicate with people and learn about banter, yes BANTER you know banter between people with a common interest in RF2.
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  2. Lazarou


    I don't race online you got a problem with that Jim, step outside;).

    Personally I've never really enjoyed it. I remember doing a race online through RD years ago on Xbox 360 on Race pro in the Radical's @ Curitiba. Massive crash in first corner, got caught up in it, race ruined with practice and quali about 2hrs of my precious free time wasted.

    Tried F1 20XX and the Forza series on X360 online, same story crash fest.Then I got a PC & wheel etc 18 months ago but I have still never really been tempted. I was a member of iracing for a bit last year, won a few races in the MX5's it was okay but online just does not float my boat.

    I am mainly into this hobby for the cars and the physics rather than the racing. I can't really commit to a race at a specific time at the moment as well.

    At the moment I prefer to fire up rf2 with the FR3.5's and go through practice, quali and race taking into account the track changes etc. I may be being a sad git, but I really enjoy it (which is surely the point of a hobby).

    As for the social aspect I can see your point I suppose. I may get on board with racing online in the future but I fear I would embarrass you Jim.
  3. jimortality


    @Lazarou Everybody that races with me online embarrasses me lol I don't care and that's what I want other offliners to feel. It's a shame your 360 experience put you off but with random servers, that is always the case. It would be great to see you online even in a club race where you don't have to commit every week. I work shifts so I can't commit to a league anyway thanks for replying mate.
  4. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    People play the game their own way and I have no problem with that.

    I hate random online lobbies, in ANY game. I only race online in organised RD events, mainly club racing when I'm available. There is no need for a 'mission' to get people to play online because there is nothing wrong with them playing offline.:coffee:
  5. jimortality


    Nothing wrong with playing offline? you got internet you should be playing online otherwise I will label you socially inadequate and If I want to have a mission to get more people playing RF2 then I will do.
  6. @Jim Brailsford ,

    Common Jimpy, Social capability's has nothing to do with playing a game online or offline.

    Making such a comment is just an insult!
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  7. jimortality


    Fine fine fine forget I mentioned it. You're obviously happy running with 6 or 8 people on the club nights but I won't mention it again! Online gaming is a social aspect. People interact on here with no problem but we can all hide behind a keyboard, that's the easy part. Online gaming social interaction with other human beings is what's it's all about. How can you play a game like RF2 soley offline, I can you improve, learn?
  8. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Maybe you should stop labelling people all together. It is especially insulting for those of us such as myself who struggle each day with real diagnosed social disorders.

    Want to increase the rF2 club numbers? Try being friendly and welcoming instead.
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  9. jimortality


    Yes but you make a great effort in running the club races and being on teamspeak. I suffer from anxiety, depression, bi polar, heart failure but at least I make the effort to interact. Look at the numbers for Ac and we know what a pile of dog poo that is compared to rf 2 and gcse. Look, everytime a new update comes out, you see all new names coming on to have a moan and then disappear till next update, get on and have a blast.

    Anyway, look I'm not out to insult people but I see endurance races with nearly 50 people then the next club race back to normal. The leagues are brimming and that's fantastic but a new update should be met with renewed vigor and get 40 people on every club race.

    I've said enough and if you want to lock this thread that's fine. Apologies if I upset anyone, that's not my intention and I just get over enthusiastic I guess. Time for a tablet lolol
  10. Lazarou


    Jim I understand what you're saying but maybe insulting people isn't the way to go about getting people online racing. Also human interaction offline is what it's all about for me, I don't have Facebook or tweet or any of that I like it here on RD helping or discussing but that's about it.

    Don't give up day job. ;)
  11. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium

    I can understand, that people race offline only and I am jealous sometimes as they can have so much fun doing it and I can't. Before rFactor2 was released I drove 100% offline in Race07 and rF1. I had so much fun. I have no idea how much laps I did with the BMW F1 at Monaco chasing my best lap times and fiddeling with a setup. Then I started to race the upcoming real F1 track in rF1, which was a lot of fun watching the actual race later. I saw things like FSR, but never was interested and never thought I could race at that level anyway.

    With rF2 at the start it was fairly easy to go onto a public server (they were clear names only back then) and they were crowded in these days due to the limited content and no leagues being available. That was my first experience of online racing. The first day I was in the classic Formulas at Monaco and I couldnt believe how much faster some other guys were driving. On the second day I realised I was driving the F2 and they were driving the F1 car. Once I switched I was suprised how quick I was :D

    But I still wasnt open to commit to a leauge, which happened like a year later or even more and it was a frustrating experience with pretty small grids and big strategy variety, which resulted in very lonely races.

    After lots of pretty small club races I got back into leauge racing with the VWEC (thanks to @Andrew Ford ) in 2013 and started to enjoy it more.

    In general (at least from my point) the following things lead to me not taking part in most club races during the week: First of all it is relatively late for me (GMT+1). Still for me it is ok(ish), but I know a lot of drivers, who just cant make it in that time slot. Second is the car/track combinations. If I know the track and the car it is not a problem and a lot of times I only turn up just before qualy of even after qualy without having done any practice at all, but having an all new combination doesnt work with 10min of preperation. Third is the racing. If you have the right guys signed up, you can have a lot of fun, but when I am not prepared I usually end up in a gap between the fast guys and the not so fast guys driving alone in circles for half an hour. If no super fast drivers are in, it is most of the time lonely again. That might sound a bit selfish, but I am a competetive guy and my simracing time is limited, so I should rather exchange the 30min of driving alone against practice for some other events, which I also do not often enough.
    I dont think the reasons are the same for everybody, but a lot of people will be in similar situations.
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  12. I have just been trying to go online since Saturday when I found out presto had switched to rfactor2 and there online server was at interlagos which I enjoy driving round on the race 07 makcorp mod but I am not a very good driver and always feel I would get in the way and cause accidents trying to get out of the way of faster drivers and not wanting to spoil their race but didn't mind going on the quali server if there was no one on. But have still not got it working