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Online version with added tracks/cares

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by toddeman, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Im all new to GTR Evo and have a simple question.

    Me and my friends would like to be able to play against each other not only using the original tracks/cars within the game but also be able to add tracks and cars and play on and with these.

    We tried it a few days ago resulting in "Booted as possible cheat"...
    In GTR2 you could change the value for mismatch to 0 to inactivate the cheat protection.
    Is the same functionality available in GTR Evo?

    If not, is there another way to play custom tracks and with custom cars?

    I hope that someone can help me with this issue.

    I have tried to search this forum and also googled it without finding any tips.

  2. are you adding the tracks to the Race07 dedi folder and your race 07 folder?
  3. I think I will explain how my game is installed and hopefully you can advise me how to install a new track and a new car based on my installation

    (I have this morning made a complet uninstallation of GTR Evo and Race 07)

    First of all I installed Steam.
    After that I installed GTR Evo Onlineversion from my DVD.
    Next I tried to start Evo but got the message that I had to install Race 07 to be able to play the game.. (doh)
    Steam downloaded Race07 and installed it at:

    The last time I think I updated the subfolder Gamedata\Locations in Race07 (then called GTR Evo) with the new track.

    With this clean installation I don't have the subfolder called Gamedata\Locations.. (yet)

    Is this information enough for you to help me?
  4. no

    how are you trying to play?

    as you say your playing against each other i just presumed it was over Lan or internet.
  5. Over the internet.
    My friend starts a server by pressing host inside GTR Evo and makes all of the necessary settings.
    I try to join but get kicked directly when entering the garage.
  6. so i presume he and others can join, but you cant?

    it could be that you have the wrong version of the track/car.

    when unpacking the rar file i find dragging and dropping the files/folders to there correct location more relable than using the "extract to" option.
  7. So in short.

    It should be possible to play other tracks as long as the hosting player and the other player(s) has the exact same track version installed?

    What if I host a server and have installed several tracks that my buddy dont have but he has the track that Im currently hosting a server with. Will he still be able to join my server? Or must we have *the exact same* configuration of our game?

    Many questions I know, but as I wrote - Im totaly new to this game.
  8. yes.

    your buddy only needs the track/tracks being used in that session.

    dont worry mate, we were all new to the game once. :)