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Online setup vs career setups

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Craig Whitmore, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. I have setup only the virgin car from the career, when I go to online mode and choose the virgin car, some of the setups are not there and when I do get to choose a setup, the car, although handling is mostly fine I think, the gears are all wrong, I no long just reach the limit on the longest straight, I max it out, generally about 2/3 d's of the distance.

    Changing to a different car, the setups are completely useless and more often than not, don't exist.

    How do others sort out online car setups?
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    adjust them manually :)

    Set the final gear that you just hit red revs at the end of the longest straight. Reserve a few RPM's to slipstream though.
  3. I have tried setting the gears manually, however when I join an online game, I normally get about 30s to adjust the gears.

    How are the setups transfered to be available online, should I do time trials in a maclaren or something and save them then, so that they are available online?

    Also, when I choose the virgin car online, how come my setup that was fine no longer works correctly with the gears?

    I actually try to find your posts on the setups forum and use them in preference to others, as you seem to post good setups, although some setups for tracks are missing.
  4. At the beggining of your career your car doesnt have all the updates it has in multiplayer, therefore your car is obviously slower and has worse handling etc..
    If 30sec are too short for you to change your gears, you should try Grand Prix mode (cars are equal to multiplayer). Take your time, adjust your setup and afterwards save it ( i would recommend using the redbull but it really doesnt matter)
  5. Thanks ever so much for the tips, I ran through a gp season, updating my wet and dry setups, so that I have at least something to use for online races. I have done a couple of races and it's now made me at least slightly competitive, I am still about 8-10s off the pace of faster cars, but I think that's down to practice and tweaking each setup for my driving style i guess.
  6. Are you sure the cars are equal in Grand Prix mode, or do you mean equal to their own cars?? If I was doing long distance online races with settings on equal, would that mean Red Bull settings?
  7. I'm asuming you are om a PC ? Once you have saved a setup (on GFWL) it should always be there but as you probaly already know you have to save setups for each track, a setup saved at Melbourne, for example, only exists there you wont find it on any other track, as you said your setups isn't there sometimes...
  8. Cars in Grand Prix mode are fully developed cars of the 2010 season (unlike the first season of career mode, where cars still need to be further developed). If you race online with 2010 performance...then the cars should be the same as in Grand Prix mode. If you race online with equal performance, then the cars should be the same as the Red Bull in Grand Prix mode according to Codemasters, though people are not so sure about that. But anyway, on equal performance, the cars online are at least as good as the best car in Grand Prix mode.
  9. Just how much slower are the mclaren compared to the red bull in TT for example?
  10. Often the McLaren is faster than the Red Bull in TT - at least according to the leaderboards. Personally I tend to find the McLaren better on almost all the tracks, but it's been a while since I did a lot of TT testing.

    Practicing online can be hard because there's no way to simulate it offline, and neither career nor TT are a great proxy. Best thing to do is find a friend or two and then run private sessions on qualifying to test out setups. I'm awful at setting up a car so I generally just steal them from here, and find which one feels fastest and which one feels fast but consistent. The fastest ones I'll save as my Q setup, and the fast but consistent I'll set up as R setups. Although in short races you can just use the Q one, often you don't want to be going 25 laps with a crazy unstable but lightning quick Q style setup.
  11. For online quick races, I have started to put brake pressure to high, as tire wear isn't an issue and in the first corner, if you are up front, it's suicide to brake early unless you are at the back of the pack. That's not to say it's the case for all races.