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Online Rankings are False

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rainy, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Why does virtually everyone online race with traction control on, ABS on, fuel simulation off and tyre wear off? Doesn't that just defeat the object and nullify all these 50 ranks?Maybe it's just because I'm a purist, but whenever I create a race, the room fills up, the race loads, and then everyone quits because they realise that they can't turn all of the above on.So I go searching for a race but as above, 95% of races have been created by gamers who LOVE their driver aids and it is on the verge of ruining the online element for me, because due to the driver aid abuse it just isn't a level playing field.I refuse to use the aids cause if I wanted that type if game I'd have bought Ridge Racer.What are everyone's thoughts?
  2. I race with all aids off all sims on all the time, i don't care what the other drivers use, sure i never win but i still have fun, id rather race like this than win. I have never tried the driver aids, but don't some of them actually result in a slower laptime?
  3. meh even if all level 50 guys raced without assists it would still be pointless. Rank only reflects how often you play this game, it is no indication of skill whatsoever anyway, so who cares
  4. As Steve says, the 'ranking' is just an indication of experience/duration of play rather than a reflection of how good someone is.

    You obviously move upwards quicker if you win races, or beat people with higher 'rankings' - but essentially its meaningless once you are on track.

    Im not a top driver like Steve or Andrew amongst others, but I can hold my own with most general online racers and win my fair share and I dont use assists whether allowed or not. So keep practicing, learn the tracks inside out, learn how to avoid the usual mayhem on the first few turns and pretty soon you will start getting results.

    If you want to avoid the sorts of scenarios you describe, then get yourself an RD racing licence here - http://www.racedepartment.com/misc.php?do=form&fid=1

    And then start signing up or creating some custom Club races where you can enjoy clean, competitive racing without the assists against other purists!

    Welcome to RD by the way!
  5. Yo, im with you on this. I know its not very justified due to ppl just wanting a bit of fun but im a bit anal when it comes to ppl using aids all the time. Im an absolute racing nut and wouldnt enjoy this game if i was to have TSC getting me out of trouble out of every corner. Same applies to having no tyre wear and no fuel sim, why you would pick these options baffles me. All of these options just make the exeperiance less realistic in my opinion and creates a more arcadey style of F1 game which i hate. For me theres nothing like having to feather the throttle in the wet on a high fuel load with wearing tyres, its all part of the fun imo and takes a bit of skill. Im not interested in going flat out around every corner without having any consequences to consider.

    The online lobbies annoys me too, i found a banned assists lobby the other day though (was very refreshing) :) ..

    I would love codemasters to slow the cars down in 2011's edition if ppl are using assists, would seem fairer than allowing guys to be quickers than me just because they keep their foot floored out of every corner and over the rumble strips.
  6. You can go quicker than someone who is using assists, like TC etc, however it's just very difficult to get to this skill level and drive faster on a consistent basis.

    I think what you meant to say is that you'd love CM to make the benefit of using assists not so great and hence slow the cars down for the people who use assists.

    I'd like to see this too.
  7. I agree that the assists give an advantage, and to drive faster without assists requires practice and the ability to drive consistantly - however, dont forget the poor people who are stuck with joypads or keys - you still have to make a game accessible and fun for them.

    Anyone who can even use manual gears with a joypad gets my respect, let alone no TC or ABS etc.
    Maybe assists should be greyed out when the game detects you have a wheel/pedals plugged in :D
  8. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    People with all the assists on are generally slower.
    Plus most of the people that race with no assists are generally douchebag kids that use the car infront as a brake.
  9. Say whaaaaat? :D

    EDIT - sorry, just noticed - PSN!
  10. I think there is room for aids in games of this nature. Not all people have the equipment, experience or even the ability to run the game without using the "purist" settings. I have a friend who is a double leg amputee and he is fast but cannot use pedals to race. He has to use a game pad. Same is true for the many that can't afford the best sim racing equipment.

    I myself can and do practice a lot without aids on but often don't run that way online because it's just easier to be competitive and safer with them on. Sort of like driving your street car. There are a lot of "not as skilled" drivers out there and I like my racing, like my driving down the road in my street car, accident free. The aids help to keep it that way I think.

    There are many games that are more challenging and accurate than F1 2010. If you want no aids, simulation type of racing, that is the way to go. Like many have said, there are plenty of racers on here that you could race with that want no aids on racing.
  11. Im consistantly quick with no assist yet still get beaten by people using aids at such circuits as Melboune and Interlagos. The reason for this is because they can push that bit harder than me and not pay the price. Ive lost count of the amount of times ive been beaten by people that zigzag down straights and run wide at every other corner but then come straight back on again. Assists in this game IS an advantage.

    The problem arrises from that fact that the TCS in this game isnt TCS at all, its a GOOJFC system. (Get out of jail free card)

    If you watch F1 from a few seasons ago when TCS was allowed it was by no means a case of planting your foot down around corners. The drivers could still spin and would never get away with running over grass/saw tooth curbs/gravel without having an incident.
  12. Hey Chris why don't you join the Xbox Pro am on wednesdays ? Lots of guys are not using assists at these events...
  13. yeh i saw that, looks good actually! Im doing an F1 championship with the UKOG guys so havant been too worried about racing anywhere else. May take a look. Been playing a lot of Race Pro lately too..... suuuupppperrrbbbb game :)
  14. I'm not getting at beginners here with this post. I think what I'm trying to say is that when I see someone ranked level 50, I want the challenge of racing someone who has achieved that rank through their skill, not traction control.I agree with Chris in that driving aids shouldn't offer a shortcut to ridiculous lap times but simply 'aid' the driver to stay on the road.It's all in the name. Driver AIDS. Unfortunately in reality they are so much more than that which in my opinion is a failing in the game. It's almost like abusing a glitch.This aside, I love the game, think it was a great first effort by codies, and can't wait for the next installment.