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Online Racing Setup Help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by zzeezzy, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Hello guys,

    I am new to Formula 1 games but I have to say I have enjoyed F1 2010 (PS3) alot. This may be a stupid type of question but please excuse me cos I am a noobie still lol. When I race online I notice that the majority of cars are faster then me especially on straights on tracks. Do you know any tweaks to my setup which may help me gain more speed? I do not know hardly anything when setting up a car so I usually just do a quick car setup through the engineer.

    Thanks for any help guys. Much appreciated.

  2. Throttle map set to fast and the the last dry setting on your car i always win with that
  3. you have to brake as soon as it goes red on the line with that setup dont you? also dont you struggle with that much oversteer online?

    Thanks, Z.
  4. +1
    then adjust gearbox to be almost on 7th limiter in the end of the longer straight line
    and for some tracks you can put 1/1 wings
  5. Hello,
    I am a total noobie what you mean +1 you mean just going to the right on quick car setup once?

    About the gearbox can you explain this more I do not have a clue about gearbox lol.

    Thanks for the help, Z.
  6. no i think you can brake later as it sets the brake pressure to high and pads on small the wheels will lock up easier with this just dont jam on the brakes also the oversterr doesnt bother me just dont hammer on the throttle and make sure the cars straight out of the corner thats the style i drive in also alex is right 7th as high as you can and 1/1 on the wings is a great idea
  7. Ok thanks mate I will try it.
  8. zzeezzy - Im with the others. For some strange reason the cars in this game respond well to running extremely low downforce at most circuits, unless its wet or your running around say monaco. Having nearly no wing angle will help you loads down the straights yet it wont strangely hinder you too much through the corners. Itsa crazzy!
  9. I am hoping that they sort the set up system out as they do not really have that much affect only downforce the rest is set to the max or min of there settings there is a good set up section in the forums found here


    best place to start
  10. sorry zzeezzy +1 mean I agree with anthony's post above

    yes clik on the right on quick setup then choose dry the most on the right.
    then go to downforce settings menu, you will see 3 and 1 => put 1 and 1
    go on track and in the end of the longer straight line (there you are on max speed), if the 7th gear is too early on the limiter that means you have to increase the value of 7th gear on the menu, then test again and again
    the optimal situation is when you are on speed limiter just before braking after the longer straight line
    sorry for the english
  11. Thank you everyone for the help it is very much appreciated.
  12. Np if you like add me on GFWL as ApocD then Pm me here on this site then Join Me in the Race Departments TS3 server so we can chat then when we are both on we can start a Time Trial pick a track If Your or I have already Done A time on the track selected then our times will be visable under Friends leadersboard there you can Download my Ghost and Ill download download your and we can work on the set up and ill also be able to see where it is on the track that you are slow and I could then Advise and with a little work you should be able to get your own set ups sorted. I am not working so I am free most days I am GMT/BST