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Online racing club feedback needed

Discussion in 'Project CARS Racing Club' started by Bram, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    After a very promising start during the first two weeks with tons of sign ups in our racing club events the participation level has dropped below critical levels now.

    We as daily organizers can't schedule events without your feedback so please let us know the reason why your participation levels are dropping.

    Do we need to change content (if so please use the two sticky polls), wait for the patch to come out to fix the huge amount of bugs or something else?

    Post your (premium members') thoughts and ideas below please and i'll reserve my own for later.
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  2. The reason I no longer race pCars is because of the major multiplayer bugs. The game is great from an immersion standpoint but the constant connection issues, ridiculous penalties, lack of proper multi class racing and server options keep me from racing.
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  3. To be honest (as a non-premium member), I have held off paying for premium until the events start having more drivers. If it will help, I will consider ponying-up to the bar and become a premium member, but without more participants, I am not sure I want to pay if no one is going to show up.
  4. Keith Dixon

    Keith Dixon

    I must have been lucky I guess, I ran the last two Formula rookie races with no problems at all and had a great time, wouldn't mind seeing some GT3 and DTM events but other than that I'm just looking to get stuck in where I can around the shifts I work
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  5. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    I'd like also opinion from the players in the American region too, since I'm coordinating the schedule in this side, Bram and the boys are in the European.
    I'll welcome all opinions and criticisms, also from non-premium members as posted by Michael above. Probably later today or tomorrow I'll post my point of view here.
  6. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    Once the issues are (mostly) fixed I'll be looking into some weekly club racing if I can ever find any that fit my time schedule (US EDT). I'm not bothering until it online is a bit more stable though.
  7. For me personally it's just bad luck - it's usually on a league race evening when open wheelers are scheduled here.

    EDIT: Sorry, saw now this in the PCars section and not overall for RD. You may ignore the above.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2015
  8. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    I was away on vacation for the past 2 weeks but back now, I havent had any issues with multiplayer what so ever and i am on the other side of the pond and always race with the euro guys. asides from the unfinished DS which has its issues i feel the majority of peoples issues might have to do with there connection speeds......have you opened up the ports that are required? just my .02 :)
    If you look around at alot of leagues numbers drop off in alot of sims when the weather starts getting nice.
    As for content ive enjoyed everything we have run since launch, the only stuff i dont care for are karts and high powered open wheelers
  9. great game project cars but to many bugs. they should implement a 2 minute window just before the start where u can actualy look at the current weather and adjust your tires. I dont like the system as it is now. Automated selected not even knowing which compound your on etc etc.
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  10. I was at the TT on the Isle of Man, but back now. I only pick club races at circuits I want to race at and in cars I like racing in. If they are not on the menu, I wait until they do come up. I also don't like long races (more than 30 mins) and would prefer two shorter races of say 20 mins each. Just my preference. I prefer GT cars and very rarely choose open wheelers. Would like to to do some American Trans am racing at various tracks. Would prefer damage full on, changeable weather and penalties on.
    Can't wait for the bugs to be fixed and full pitstop animations.
  11. Also the abundance of missing features makes me reluctant to race pCars.

    - no driver swap
    - no spectate mode, so no broadcasting
    - replay system is quite bad (if a person quits before the end of the race his car won't show in replay)
    - no league support
  12. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    Probable reasons (not just for me but general): Work, vacation, vacation preparation, outdoor activities, finals, game bugs, other sims.

    If it's not better after the school and patch are out, we have a problem.
  13. The 1.4 patch is sorely needed. I know a few people that are waiting for that before they try pCars again.

    How is the timing of the events for everyone? As in start time and duration. I like the longer endurance type racing but maybe people would better respond to 2 shorter races with just enough quali time for 1-2 flying laps.

    Or do more "social night" type stuff, leave the server open for 2 - 3 hours and let people vote for track changes after every 10 lap race? or vote before hand so we have an agenda.

    I like the current format but am open to change if it means more people on track.
  14. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    I like both of those ideas, I enjoy long enduro type races occasionally but most times prefer to do multiple races in the same time frame.
  15. @Lorenzo Bonder: Ithink the US races may be too late. 22:00 is late. Maybe 20:00/ 8 PM EST.

    Nice weather and family life impact my racing. Personally, I prefer races that are longer. 20 laps plus. Long practice sessions are not my thing. 10-15 minute quali. 5 minute warm up for folks who want to switch set ups and then..Race.

    The patch is sorely needed, though. In the meantime, running events with penalties off is a must. Nothing worse than a 30 minute practice, 30 minute quali then a 400 second penalty on top of a bug jump start.

    <mod-edit: tagged the right person now Snappy>
  16. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    Snappy, I think you've tagged the wrong person, you mean me instead of good ol' Doc? :)

    But seriously speaking. Will consider your feedback. Keep 'em coming y'all
  17. Oops, I did tag the wrong person
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thanks for the input everyone. For this weekend we didn't have anything scheduled because of the real LM24.

    What shall we do for next week? Less events?
  19. How about 2-3 events? Road America trans am..........:whistling: And Cadwell park short races. ;)
  20. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    RD's Two Wheeled Driving Specialist Staff

    @Emerson Fattibaldi
    Andy, if Bram doesn't create this event, wait until mid-july (I'll probably be in my work vacation and college). I gotta an event y'all will like (my karting friend @XuCrUtZ hated it, because he doesn't know how to drive VIRTUAL KARTS)
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