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Online races on 360?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. If any one is interested on some races on any modes on 360 consoles please post gt or add mine and mail me my gt is AnthonyLucas86 some games have tried to be organised before and there was bad turnouts for them open to all drivers on 360 of any skill level an assists just for fun because it is near impossible to get a good game online so add me my gt is above spell the same way and when i get enuf people interested we can race or leave your gt on this thread and i will add u either or

  2. Im on most nights.
    GT: UKOG Cronnie
  3. nice one ill add you in a while ill be on it soon
  4. Yea same here on everyother night GT: SiBoNxB
  5. cool cool anymore?
  6. cmon there must be more than a handfull of people pleyin xbox live on this site anyone else interested in getting a custom GP going
  7. BTW is that how your GT is spelt because i tried adding you last night and it said it didnt work
  8. do you run all tracks or specific ones? since i am new , the tracks i have been on are montreal/melbourne/and budapest. Other ones i dont know the track good enuff to drive. need to practice.
  9. any tracks ill set a post up here and people can decide what tracks they want to drive on and ill set it up from there all i need is 12 people to play i have about 6 or 7 at the moment.

    Its easier if i do it like this get peoples GTs and then in vite them because it takes ages to get into an online lobby most of the time i get the dreaded connection lost popup and it is rather annoying
  10. anyone else up for it
  11. okay will send you an invite tonight.
  12. cool
  13. Hi there

    I'm looking for some regular/clean racing on Xbox 360 F1 2010.

    I'm on most evenings from 7pm (GMT) onwards.

    Gamertag: Jim xSkull (space after Jim)


  14. cool ill add ya when im on thanks and defo clean races no intentional ramming or cutting corners badly ya know the usual
  15. Count me in for this Anthony. I don't get chance to get on as often as I'd like to these days but when I'm available I'd like to participate.

  16. ive added you already anyway matt id say i have just about enuf people to play now so ill let you know before hand in the next couple of days probably
  17. GT: Fractured Life

    On most nights, fave Tracks...

    Hoping to get a few games in tonight before Qualifying!!! Damn rain, I watched a drunk Eddie Jordan for 2 hours this morning :rolleyes:
  18. lol no probs ill add u soon as i can
  19. count me in for a race on xbox live as the past few days iv played multiplayer its just been a complete ramfest for the 1st corner :( kinda sad really that ppl cant seem to manage a race without intentionally wiping others outta the race just for 1 position
    im not the fastest on the game but i do drive clean and dont intentionally drive ppl off the track

    add me sumtime

    Gamertag: A Random Plick
  20. nice one man ill add you today we nearly have enough people for team races so if anyone wants to start posting up some fav tracks and what times they are available i could nearly get this started next week