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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Brian Coombes, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Brian Coombes

    Brian Coombes

    I find racedepartment a very informative and helpful site, but I do find there is a lack of online races for ps3 Formula 1.

    I would love to have races with clean racers, that is one of the main reasons I joined this great community. I am so sick of being rammed of evey corner, straight, with in the game.
  2. Nick Clyne

    Nick Clyne

    Here here Brian. Keen to race with you some time. So annoying losing to losers who just ram about
  3. Hang in there Brian, there are in fact a lot of good people out there wanting to race clean and have fun. Friend those people when you find them and in a short while you will have a good core of people to race with with online on PSN. Feel free to friend me if you wish.
  4. Blake-Lee Danher

    Blake-Lee Danher

    what are your psn's ill add you
  5. Clive Lawrence

    Clive Lawrence

    Add me too if you want guys. Just let me know where you're from so i know who you are. PSN: Bachelordad
  6. Brian Coombes

    Brian Coombes

    My PSN : britrudy, rexracer i have you on my friends list from a while ago will have to do a few races together.
  7. Nick Clyne

    Nick Clyne

    PSN: nickclyne add me and let's race!!
  8. Jack Van Challis

    Jack Van Challis

    I'm up for finding some clean racers on PS3. It's annoying being faster than most people out there who insist on using you as a brake every ten seconds! Means I end up racing with collisions off, which is not my favourite thing to do, as it isn't really a race. My name is VanChallis, add me up!
  9. Brian Coombes

    Brian Coombes

    Got my first race this evening at Barcelona, so trying to get in as much practice as i can. This is one of my worst tracks, but it will be nice to see how i compare to the other racers ,not worried if i come last would just like to have a nice race with other clean racers.

    Will add peoples Psn that have left it fo me.

    Thanks hope to see you all on the track at sometime.
  10. See you there Brian.
  11. Frank Olsson

    Frank Olsson

    psn: Nallepuh87
  12. Damien Allo

    Damien Allo

    It is indeed such a pain in the b*tt...

    Please add me to your friends : Omenf1 (on ps3)
  13. Daulat Gana

    Daulat Gana

    is there an xbox 360 online races somewhere, i have been trying to join one? let me know.

    PS. dont direct me to RD forums and applying for license, i have already done that weeks ago, no response , no use , it is just frustrating.
  14. Maurice Hurkmans

    Maurice Hurkmans

    off topic: regarding your licence application, that's pending. You have been sent a PM. You'll need to check that and reply that PM.
  15. Daulat Gana

    Daulat Gana

    i did dude, no response.
  16. Chris Jenkins

    Premium Licensed
    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    PSN: Reaper33X, see you there
  17. xbox360 f1 2010 european gamers wanted


    I'm pitt646 on the xbox 360, you can add me to race:
    -if racing is fun, no hardcore.
    -I'm 38 so reflexes are slow
    -no kids, no singing
    -must have a mic, and speak English
    -European time zone please
    -no cheating, cutting cornes, and polite driving.
    -having a laugh

    gamertag: PITT646

    see ya
  18. Marcel Campenaar

    Marcel Campenaar

    Hey Pitt,

    feel free to add me to your FL.

    I'm 32 and hate kids and singing (or a combination of the 2) :)
  19. Kris Cabrera

    Kris Cabrera

    send me an invite ill be on this weekend maybe even tonight
  20. Im from Brazil... 26yo and i love this game and play online too.. if you wanna add me please feel free...

    gamertag: CarlosLago
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