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Online Race Frustation

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ricardo Fonseca, May 21, 2011.

  1. Is there a mythical place where a person can race without the kamikazes on the first curves and bucket heads throwing you away schumi-style when overtaking??? I know that a guy with the best intention can cause an accident but that happens. Im finding really hard to find people online who race fairly. I admit that sometimes when attacking a position i touch the oponent but that´s the max I will ever do and of course I don´t get angry when the same thing happens to me. I do not consider myself a top racer but i like to race very much. All i want is just clean and sportsmanship races.
  2. James Chant

    James Chant
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    You are on the right website my friend. Welcome to race department!

    Sign up for a licence here

    Then enjoy trouble free clean racing in our racing club!

    Please be patient waiting for your licence to be approved, applications are quite high at the weekend.

  3. Thanks! Like i said i don´t get pissed if someone touch my car when fighting for a position or for a braking error, i can make those things. When i do that and the drivers looses position i always stop for him to recover the position. Accidents happen, all i want is sportsmanship. The best online race I ever had (one it clean races...it´s true!) is one i´ve lost first position in the last lap. The fight beetween myself and another player as huge. In the end he overtook me with great class. Eventhought i´ve lost i felt very good.
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
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    What format are you racing on (Xbox \ PC \ PS3)?
  5. PS3.
  6. Welcome to the world of F1 2010, i started playing this game last year and i was pretty fast so i managed to get rank 50, in the process i had to beat a hell of a lot of completely idiotic drivers, from experience it seems to be the spanish, germans and italians that are the worst for this, but i have seen many of really unfair drivers, from england and so many other countries.

    They seem to think that it is destruction derby, they only want to race to smash into other people instead of actually racing properly, sometimes i have actually had some epic races against drivers who are as quick as me, we would give each other some room, although i consider myself to be a pretty quick and consistent driver, i have seen some drivers in the past who are just unbelievably quick, although i would lose to them regularly i would respect them for it.

    This website is great, personally after getting my rank 50, i wanted to make a proper championship, filled with rules and good people ,so i made the Xbox Reality Championship, right here on this website, we do races once a week with 100% race distance, fuel simulation, tyre wear etc, and we all have a real fun time.

    So if you want some good clean racing, join a championship, set up your own races when you feel like it, or even go as far to set up your own championship, if you wish to do that, send me a private message and ill give you some tips, so you can finally get away from the retard drivers, and have epic races against good respectful people :) Peace.
  7. Thanks!

    I have a certain bad luck with british and german drivers but i won´t judge all of them because of the action of a few!

    One thing i´m looking is to race against better drivers than me. I do not consider myself an excelent driver but i belive if you race against someone who is better than you than you are improving because you are always pushing to the limits.

    I´m looking to achive level 50 because of the trophys (the online ones are all its left to achive).

    I won´t get mad if someone gives me a touch, contacts between cars can happen but throwing me away schumi-style gets me pissed!

    I hope I enconter here good respectful drivers. I know i´m not the only one looking for this.
  8. Ricardo i got Rank 50 a long time ago, the best way to do it, is to beat all those retarded drivers nonstop in Sprint mode.

    Some tips on how to raise your rank quicker.

    -The more drivers you beat, the more rank points you get

    -Beating drivers with higher ranks will also give you more rank points

    -Get the best setups for your car on every track, check out the setups part of this forum, look for Viktor Andersons setups, they work the best for me, having these will help you to beat the average driver who are not smart enough to make their own.

    -In Sprint mode, sometimes racing against these idiots, you have to give as good as you get, some drivers are happy enough to give you some space, respect those drivers and befriend them, the idiots that want to knock you off schumi style, do the same to them, they are more likely to get frustrated and leave the race before you do, as more often then not they have zero patience, once they realize they cannot win, they will quit the race.

    -Practice Practice Practice, get on that time trial and learn to run round the track without cutting, this will help you to pick up less penalties, although it is likely some idiot will give you a penalty anyway, a combination of smashing into incompetent drivers and accidentally cutting track will just get you Disqualified, it is extremely rare that will ever happen to me.

    -Even if your not going to finish high in a race, finish it off anyway, you will get some rank points regardless of position, i cannot get why some players decide to leave the race if they can't win, just make sure you don't get disqualified and race right to the end, you never know when a player might have a big accident on the last corner, or which players will have penalties.

    -Always remember, make sure every setup you have, starts you on Standard map setting, this is important because if its set to Fast when you start the race, it will glitch out and not work, the only way to get the most out of your map settings is to set it to Standard, then change to Fast as soon as those Red lights go out.

    -The first corner can easily make or destroy your entire race, there are certain tracks where it is guaranteed some idiot can not brake properly and just smash you off, here is a list of tracks where it is usually bad to start at the front of the grid, lets go through the tracks:

    Bahrain - Not too bad, it is best to try get on the inside and brake quite a lot, do not attempt to go round the outside, it will usually end up being bad.

    Australia - This is good, attack the first corner hard and you should end up in front.

    Malaysia - Its a hard one, do not go on the racing line, try get on the inside more, as the idiots will usually just fly off really wide on this.

    China - So many get this wrong, all you need to do is accelerate in and then let the car decelerate, most of the time the drivers will be well on the outside, brake if you really need too

    Spain - Not too bad actually, its usually the second corner which can be troublesome.

    Monaco - Terrible! If your at the front you just need to pray you can brake and zoom through that first corner, if your at the back its nasty, you know for a fact players will come off and its just a matter of trying to navigate through them, which most of the time will not work.

    Turkey - It depends, sometimes another player will clip you and cause you to spin, i would say to try run wide because at least there is some run off area

    Canada - Its alright here, players seem to realize just how tight them first two corners are, even if you get it wrong you will roll across the grass and rejoin after turn 2

    Europe - If you can get round it in gear 3 and end up just next to the wall, more then likely you will be fine, if your further back you may want to wait a moment on the run off area on the left hand side before the corner, so you can ride past any players who span off

    Britain - Its easy here, probably one of the best starts as there is no need to brake.

    Germany - Another easy one, plenty of run off areas on the inside and the outside of turn 1

    Budapest - Can be disaster here, i try to take it on the outside, expect many cars to spin off here

    Spa - Do not take this on the outside unless you want some idiot to fly into you, get through here on the inside away from the racing line, braking quite a bit, other drivers wont think of this and you should be safe

    Italy - Disaster, some players i know if they are at the front, purposely run off onto the grass on the left hand side to let everyone past, just so they can watch all the other drivers destroy each other on the first chicane, i have a better idea, if your first place and you go to brake, some idiot will more then likely nudge into you, immediately stop accelerating and let the car roll across the grass, this will put you onto the next straight well ahead of everyone else with no penalty, i have tested this many times and so long as you do not accelerate after the nudge, the game will not count it as you cutting track ;)

    Singapore - A lot of run off area off turn 1, try sweep across from the right hand side, it can be difficult because someone might decide to try take this on the inside which is just dangerous

    Japan - It is not so bad here, get on the racing line and make sure you get the turn spot on, guaranteed half the players will go seriously wide anyway

    Korea - This is a really bad one, majority of players find it difficult, they will end up on the grass, i find been at the back here is a big advantage, if your at the front you really should consider taking it on the inside away from the racing line, even if you go slightly wide off turn 1, all the other drivers will end up crashing anyway.

    Brazil - This is definitely my worst first corner of any track, it is so difficult to get it right, i end up on the grass most of the time, you cant even take it on the inside because it just makes it harder, all you can do is brake at the right time and pray.

    Abu Dhabi - Not so hard, just make sure you do not go over the inside curb, there is a little run off area if you go wide, the run down to it is not so big.

    I highly recommend you play some banging tunes while you play, get the adrenaline going, swear at other drivers, from my experience racing against idiots, getting really annoyed will actually add to your speed, specially if they get past you and you know your stupidly faster then them ;)
  9. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    ^^^ very good advice!
  10. Very good indeed! Thanks for your advices! The one in Monza is gold!

    I´m aiming for the level 50 (currently 13) but what i want the most is just good clean races. The level 50 is just a big bonus. I must have all trophys before F1 2011 gets out! :)

    One of the downside of F1 2010 is that it´s a game for all people. What i mean is...although withou driving aids it can be a really good simulator, every body can play it (with driving aids). For example i can´t remeber caughting bad drivers (in a way of not racing properly) in rFactor. One of F1 2011 new options should be to ban a driver temporary..but this is just me.
  11. Lol you guys are making me blush :p Yes that advice comes from getting almost 800 wins, most of them in sprint races, but yea Ricardo if you want good clean races you need a league/championship with people on here, i could go into detail just how flawed the system are in F1 2010 when you sort people out for a race in sprint mode, but that would probably be longer then my last post :)

    By the way i do race against players who use manual gears and turn some assists off, i could easily learn how to do the same, but i enjoy it the way it is with automatic gears and such, lets me focus more on my apex's then switching through gears and that, however if i did do a championship with all those off and i practiced hard and got used to it, im sure i could handle it lol.
  12. Last night i have participated in a 7 race grand prix (no quali and with 3 laps per race). The Monaco one was a disaster. I think you will always have bad luck with that circuit. By the way in the races of yesterdays session there was a car that was always jumping. What is the cause of that?

    James Chant, that is a nice looking car you have on your avatar :)
  13. Yes Monaco is just bad luck all the time, no matter how good you are, if you start at the back your screwed lol.

    If a car is always jumping, it means they have a bad connection or if your lagging and most of the cars are doing that, then it is your own connection :)
  14. Early i was in a 75% race at Monaco, on the 40th lap i was leading then i disconnected. :mad:
  15. Normaly i only see one car. Another thing that sometimes happens is all participants (including myself) having ghost cars. The good side is that there aren´t any collisions...!

    If that happened with me i think i would probably throw my ps3 through the window...lol
  16. Wow, amazing tip! Did that yesterday and it worked. Now I actually want to be at the front for Monza instead of cowering at the back :redface: :banana:
  17. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Kyles 100% right, just keep plugging away, try not to quit in the middle of a race. I've got a 50 rank with about 150 wins only and i,m ranked around 850 inthe world!. Most of those round me have 300 - 800 wins so I think my high ranking is due to clean driving and commitment to seeing the race/championship out. Yes we all make mistakes and can get fustrated but there's no need to verbally abuse others (you know who you are Jackson lol). Would appriciate some positive reviews tho, got my bad rep when I first started and didn't know where I was going!. Everyone should try to give good reps if someone deserves it.
    Love the Monza tip, will try that one tonight, Cheers