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Online Problems Hellp please

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ika Tsitsilashvili, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. hi evryone , sorry me crap englesh i hawe problems wen i playning online pictuer is freeze, wen playning me self wit full grid i hawe np i try almost evrething nothing hellps me old pc wass ok but i runing wit old pc on xp 2gb ram and 1,6 dual quore procesor now i hawe better processor and get it probs wen i playning online can someone hellp please thanks for respoding guys and now i runing wit w7 ultimate wit 2gb ram and. Intel{R}Core{TM2Quad CPU Q6600 @2,40GHZ 2,39GHZ please hellp thanks best regards ika and i am runing wit Nvidea 9800GT 1gb DDR3 video card

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  2. Could you discribe your problem more in-depth please? From what i understand you have problems playing online but not in singleplayer? When you say the picture 'freezes' what exactly do you mean? Is it the game freezing(crashing) or is it just very bad performance(lag/low fps/stuttering)?
  3. sorry again me englesh , wen i go on muliplayer and goin on server game is freeze looks like game lag but on singleplayer wit full grid and full video options game runing great without peoblems fps i check yestardy 30 hawe wen i check, and now i less video options also on game settings also check wen game runing i hawe all processors on so pc runing wit full power { looks like game lag} wen playning online please did you hawe msn check me game wit teanviewer? thanks for respoding best regards, me msn ika-tsitsilashvili@hotmail.com
  4. fps i check it now online going 48-50 so its not fps foult i dont know enymore what need thes game should be is ram problem? 2gb online playning need more ram? cause w7 use more ram xp hawe less ram i think not sure hellp me lol
  5. What speed is your internet connection? I've just started playing online and I get some jumping / choppiness and slowness sometimes.
  6. i hawe good connection gareth 10mb download 6 nb upload speed i dont understand what can be foult going crazymaybe ram need more? because wen i use me old pc wass bad by me new pc but i playning thes game normaly without probs but i use xp not a w7 now i hawe w7 wit 2gb ram and much much better processor damnit
  7. gareth what sustem u hawe u also hawe 2gb ram and w7?? or xp dont know enymore what need thes game
  8. hello eny ideas?
  9. This could be a memory issue maybe? If i remember correctly windows xp only used about 350mb physical memory. Windows Vista uses arround 1.3gb physical memory. Thats a big difference if you only have 2gb installed. Anyway that still doesnt explain why you only have it in multiplayer. A connection issue would be more likely.