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Online problem

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Sérgio Marques, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. I have been having problems with GTR2 online races since a long time, when I’m near other car he just starts to shake from side to side, at first I think the problem was my old PC, but now with a new one the problem keeps going.

    I’m running a PC with,
    Intel Core I7 920 2.66
    4 GB Memory
    Asus 5850 1Gb
    Windows 7 64 bits

    Offline I can race with full graphics with no problem, but for the online I change it to medium but this kind of freeze problem comes always I’m near other car, yesterday at Fuji someone else was with this kind of trouble, any ideas why?
  2. yeah i get this sometimes aswell mate i will ask about see what i can find out
  3. I find some answers to this question and seems like the GTR 2 config doesn't read the system well on anything beyond windows XP, so I change my config.ini file in the GTR 2 folder with this settings:


    Still not perfect, when I’m near to other car he still flickers a bit, but is better now.
  4. Get rid of the Shadows...

    This is one of the biggest eaters of frame rates. Also running lower graphics online will give you a better ping... Absurd I know but it does work! I learnt this little trick playing the Battlefield series and I do it in all multiplayer games to get a smoother experience while playing.
  5. In VIDEORAM you have to type your GPU RAM in MB x 1.5, that is to say 1536. Also you can change OJBDETAIL and TEXDETAIL to 5, and FSAA to 36.

    I have a now old Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66), 6 GB RAM and a nvidia GTX 260 and I can race online with the setting above.

    Maybe it also depends on your internet connection.

  6. Thanks for the tips, Ian and Bakke.

    About the internet connection, I think it should be enough:

  7. well i had this problem to. I solve this to use a cable connection, instead of the WiFi connection from the router.
    The internet (play)connection is now more stable.

    If you have a router, try to play without this one. ANd see what's happening. Find out if youre firewall is expecting youre (open) ports for this game.
  8. im using now.


    some servers i can join, and on some GTR2 stops working.

    i do have 8gb ram, and video 1024mb. What else do i need to change.
  9. I didn't waht to make a new topic, but where has the racedepartment server gone??
    couldn't find it...
    quite good to play in, even alone, because some crashers wont get ingame to ruin a lap.