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Online playing with dangerous drivers

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Gunnar Marel, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I´m trying to play online both in short race and in longer.
    What i think is so fustraiting that othere drivers are racing so hard they drive u out in first corner so u spin out or have to get in pit to fix the car.Where are the honesty in the game.
    What are they thinking? Nothing?
    it´s not a race to crash it´s a race to try to finish with out dameging the car and by the rules.
    i know it´s only a game but it´s not so real if players behave like this.
    Any comments?
  2. The problem is that only a small percentage of ppl that have bought this game are proper racing enthusiasts. A larger percentage is the casual racer that enjoys the arcadier (if thats a word) style driving games. Because of this most of the ppl filling the lobbies are a bit erratic and all think they can win the race into the first corner. Its best to gradually try and find some decent ppl to play with and add them as friends. Its an annoyance but its never going to change.
  3. A possible solution for that is an online ladder, where you win points racing online, and customize the race preferences with a range of that points. Like in trackmania united, its only an arcade game, but the system ladder is great.
  4. Another solution would be separate cam drivers from cockpit viewers by setting a server with it as mandatory. Almost none of the cam players will join a 1st P-view driver room and right away no crashes, no bad manners. That's my experience of years in SBK online races as bikes are even more contact sensitive.
    But bad sign of time is communities and developers even gave up on that option. I personally guess they all want to attract the masses
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You will exclude the wreckers with forced cockpit view. however you also exclude a lot of good drivers that prefer bonnet or another view.

    I know what you are trying to say Ralf and you know I am on the same level with you there, but unfortunately we are a minority :)
  6. I've only tried a couple of sprints online but it feels like racing Yoji Ide. =P
  7. The sprints are the worsed. Avoid them at all cost.
  8. gosh, i had a great sprint today. melbourne, australia. first turn, about 3 guys just go straight off the track, missing turn one like crazy. im guessing they were either gong for it too hard, as mentioned above, or just didn't know the track at all. anyway, it would be hard to group people who want to play legit or just mess around. i guess u just gotta get to know good people. i think someone said that one......... :D
  9. can relate to gunnar there, had some clown just run me straight off at turn 8 in abu dhabi on the 1st lap, didnt seem like he braked that much if at all, got a penalty for an illegal overtake while recovering because i skipped turn 9 although i entered turn 8 in 1st and exited 9 in 3rd, havent really found many proper racers, mainly destruction derby addicts, what we need is to somehow organise it so we just keep the idiots to a minimum, the ones that just want to bash around should stick to sprints or stick to single player
  10. I'm not sure I've gotten through a first corner cleanly yet, because for some reason I never get to start at the back. Starting at the front is a death sentence, I'm not sure why I even try to qualify. :(
  11. Hi guys... I hate those crazy drivers as well, but I created my strategy which helps me to get on 2nd or 1st position very easily. Only thing you have to do is wait at the start of the race. Doesnt matter if you are on pole or 5th place position. Just wait till most of the racers will overtake you and stay behind them closely. At the first corner, they will mostly crash to each other. This is your moment, when you have to past between them with huge smile on your face ;-) At second corner I am usually at 2nd or 1st position enjoying rest of the race.
    Easy, simple, and working solution.
    Have a fun guys!
  12. Yeah I tend to do that too, unless I sit in pole. If you're in pole you might be able to escape the crashes at the 1st turn if you're quick enough.
  13. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Depends on the braking zone! Bahrain, Malaysia, monza, Korea, Hungary, spa, Singapore, Valencia turn 2, to name but a few have very tricky first lap first corner, most tracks I have found I can get through ok from 1st, as you don't have to brake as hard as the rest of the field
  14. Cheers, pavelcz, I won a race today with your advice.
  15. Indeed, it does depend on the braking zone. =)

    But sometimes you do come out ahead, sometimes even faaar ahead. But patience pays off, no doubt. That's why I, if I join a race without a qualifying session, always wish for a starting position further down the field so you can sit back and capitalize on the crashes!
  16. That's why I always slow down before first turn. if I'm first, I just pull off to grass then watch them crashing each other lol! U'll need some good player like us so it's good idea to Play with friend. I don't often crash but I try not to crash. Like one time some idiot just slam on brake while on straight, giving me 10 sec pently. That's stupid.
  17. Hi Gunnar!I know exactly how you feel. yesterday in Shangai, i was overtaking a guy on the 1st strait line because i got out better from the last corner and he just pushed in to wall. Fortunatly the car was ok and the move cost him the race because he spawn out. Fairplay sould be always our motto. I'm trying to race mostly guys like you and managed already some friends. You'll find me in TT in about 20nd places in monaco and bucarest. If i race you and accidently touch you and you go out, i'll make shour to wait for you and let you pass. I'm not the best of drivers but always will try to not touch anyone and play fair every time. My tag is the same as here. Good Races.

    PS: My platform is a pc.
  18. The main problem is that is a game so you don't get hurt if you go out.
    I used to race whit live for speed and found some groups of guys who was very correct, by the way on line game should be mangebel better, cheeters are everywhere and in every game, there should be a kind of licence like in real world, you start as a rooky if you are dumb you stay in rookies races, if you are good and respect rules you can have a licence for racing in others races, then a a mistake is apccetetd but at least you know that is not because of people who are at them first lap on that tuck
    Kinds Regards